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Banuja Sivagnanam
Photography & Video Canada
My journey as a single mom through divorce process that changed me completely. Having lost everything in the 3 year divorce process (LoveBirdz photography was in business for 7yr). My boys Tristan and Jayden where my anchor to start everything from bottom up. TriJay Media is a proof of hard work and determination as a single mom to succeed. It wasn’t easy for a female photographer to work in a male dominated wedding industry but I have found my niche.
Aswell as the first divorcee in the family, wasn’t easy for the family aswell.
What got me through all this was my faith in God, many days where spend in dark and alone. But I always had faith in God to get me through the storm. Now everyone would call me super mom for raising my boys and running the business, but I struggle each day to be best mom I can be. Pets are great therapy for separation anxiety of kids custody, whoever know me, I’m a crazy cat lady (@wynter_kitten). I am now able to share my experience so it may help that one single mother struggling alone now, there is light under the tunnel. Keep pushing yourself and never give up. Never know what waiting on the other side. Now I have partner (Sanjeevan - UK) who is on the other side of world waiting for me. Everything happen for a reason.
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