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Toronto in a Word

What is Toronto to you? A hometown? A place to have fun? Where you went to school? A new home?

What is Toronto to you?

… hometown?

… a place to have fun?

… where you went to school?

… a new home?

Whether you were born in Toronto, grew up here, or just visiting, everyone experiences this city in a different way. As someone who immigrated to Toronto from Sri Lanka at a very young age, this city has become my home. No matter where in this world I travel to, seeing the city from the plane as it lands is a feeling I never get tired of. It has so much to offer and every day I find something new here that I never knew about before.

Earlier this year, the elections in the states brought out a lot of negative energy world wide, and it was devastating to see hate starting to spread, even in Canada. I wanted to create something that was light-hearted and positive, and just show this city that I call home through a positive lens. One of my favourite responses that I received through this project is from Sana, a yoga teacher and dietitian who recently moved to Toronto from Kuwait. She says, "Toronto is a cold city, with warm people." 

I reached out to 10 Torontonians and asked them, “If you could describe Toronto in a single word, what would it be?”

These were their answers:

"Art" - Xyza


"Paradise" - Janarth


"Friendly" - Sana


"Versatile" - Jaideep

See the rest of the series here:

Photography: Nila Sivatheesan

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