Tamil Short Film - 'The Break-Up'

No matter how many times we’ve been in a relationship, we’re never prepared for the pain that follows when things go wrong and both parties have to go their separate ways. "The Break-Up" is a romantic comedy about the five stages a young man goes through during his break-up.

What makes a couple click? What is the secret to a happy relationship? These fundamental questions gave birth to the script. Thusy Suntharam tries his hand at a more mainstream topic after his last project “Avalum Naanum” which shone a light on mental health. The short film also includes the brand new single “Minu Minu Parvaiyal” by Birithivy and Shagana (produced by Kirishan Suresh/Lyrics by Steve Cliff Valentine)!


Written & Directed: Thusy Suntharam Produced: T-Factory Ent. Cinematography: Kishok Soma Editing: Thibz Music: Kirishan Suresh Cast: Thusy, Harinnya, Thilak, Bala Kandasamy

Looking to create your love story? Join the other couples who have dated and married through!

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