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Tamil Problems

Tamil Problems hit Twitterverse!

When we first heard Jersey Shore’s Snooki coin the term “Guido Problems”, it didn’t take long for Twitterverse to catch on in the likes of “White Girl Problems” and “First World Problems”.
And today, we stumbled upon an anonymous Twitter account penned as @_TamilProblems – now naturally, we thought “this should be interesting”. A quick search of the topic "#tamilproblems" and we found magic.  And by magic, we mean: your life and mine explained via hilarious tweets. Have a #tamilproblem you want to share? Tweet them to @TamilCulture Here’s a quick roundup of our Top 10 favourite tweets in no particular order. @_tamilproblems Curry in your margarine containers ….. #tamilproblems @ajayen VijayTV season finale shows are on… home cooked meals for me that day. #tamilproblems @suganiyaaSBN When everyone at Babu’s knows you by name #tamilproblems @dhushanp All Tamil uncles and aunties pronounce “h” sounds as “k”. Ex: handbag= kanbag. @_tamilproblems #tamilproblems @_tamilproblems Your parents think that people with faux hawks look like “kuruvis” @KeepFreshKaymen Your parents owned both a motorbike and dog is sri lanka. But you ask them for either, NOPE. #tamilproblems@_tamilproblems @its_arch Being deprived of Saved by Bell / Hang Time on Saturday mornings to go to Tamil School #tamilproblems #backinthedaytamilproblems @KeepFreshKaymen Thy shall have a beer belly at thy age of 40. #tamilproblems@_tamilproblems @_tamilproblems Tamil parents will never abandon their sons #tamilproblems @roshelaloycious Arguments within the Family can last for over a decade #tamilproblems

-Archana Aloysius

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