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Tamil Community Story on Publicly Funded Media Outlet Irks some Canadians

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), a publicly funded, national media outlet, recently featured the ongoing debate surrounding the cover of Jodi Bridal magazine, which TC initially featured here.


Given that Canada, and specifically Toronto, is home to over 200,000 Tamil Canadians, it would seem logical/inclusive to occasionally feature stories and issues which are relevant to the community. Sadly, quite a few comments under the CBC article from fellow Canadians indicate otherwise, showing there's work to be done with regards to promoting diversity and inclusion in all of our communities.


Some of the comments, from those who feel that the story doesn't belong on the website:


Questions of how taxpayer dollars are spent.


That the story does not belong on a Canadian funded website.




The question of "Canadian Culture."



Share your thoughts on this by sharing your perspective within the comments or by submitting an article.

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