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Sinthu Kula aka Sin City

Sinthu Kula is her name, but she is also known as the stylist Sin City. You can see Sinthu’s most recent work in OHM magazine. Here is her story.

Sinthu Kula is her name, but she is also known as the stylist Sin City. You can see Sinthu’s most recent work in OHM magazine. Here is her story.

Sinthu began styling when she realized her passion for helping friends and family put together outfits through the years. In 2014, she launched her blog 1022, where she had the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of fashion and style. Blogging and styling is a way for her to showcase her “crazy” ideas to the universe, inspire others and have fun with fashion.

Says Sinthu, “Emphasis on the ideas brought forth by fashion can be found anywhere and everywhere. It is truly about how you wear it versus where it’s from. The best part about fashion is that there is so much room to be creative and make something your own. The possibilities are truly endless!”

Sinthu works alone and is determined to take the fashion world by storm. Each of her posts are unique and creative. She is always finding ways to make current fashion trends her own by infusing a little bit of Sin City to her posts.

Growing up, she believed that stepping out of her comfort zone was something she needed to do, and her blog allowed exactly that. She has hopes to be found deeper in the fashion industry, and that her creativity and passion will open those doors for her.

Sinthu’s first memory is when she was watching the Oscars Red Carpet show. She fell in love with the various gowns she saw and imagined herself in those gowns as well. She would then draw these gowns with her own flair. Sinthu knew from then on that fashion would be in her future.

The most challenging aspect of styling is that sometimes bringing a vision to life comes with a budget. This is where Sinthu likes to use to the term “#DivaOnADime".

A memorable moment for Sinthu was the opportunity to work with individuals to bring her visions to life. She worked with various photoshoots as a stylist and was honoured to have full creative control in those shoots. She also organized and styled her first runway show for OHM magazine. It was an experience like no other and gave her a glimpse into the process involved.

Says Sinthu, “Styling isn’t just a 'let’s go shopping and that’s it' kind of job. It actually takes a lot of thought and preparation for each style piece.”

With this said, Sinthu has met several talented individuals along the way, which helps her stay motivated in the industry. As a stylist, it can be a tough world out there as she is always sought for fashion advice from friends and family. But she encourages everyone to pursue their passion in fashion. Dare to be different!

Sinthu’s day job is as an occupational therapist, and she is a fashion blogger by night. She loves the gym, is a foodie at heart, a traveler by storm, has the soul of a dancer and is a shopaholic. But really, who isn’t right?

In the next few months, you can see Sinthu taking her blog to a whole new level, and she will be creating and collaborating with several like-minded individuals.

This is indeed a space to watch so stay tuned for more of Sin City!

You can find Sinthu's stylings here: Instagram Tumblr Facebook

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