Reflections on Maaveerar Naal


With respect to the Heroes who sacrificed their lives for the peace and equality of Tamils, I want to take a moment to reflect back to this house I came across in Mullivaikkal where the war came to an end. This is what remains as a Home to many Tamils in North/East Sri Lanka.


For everyone, especially the Youth posting photos today to commemorate #MaaveerarNaal, take a moment to reflect back on the past but also think of what’s being done to change the current living condition of Tamils there.


If you genuinely care for the peace of those who sacrificed their lives for the Tamil community, think about what they fought for. Are we united as a community? Are we maintaining humanity within our community? Do we work together to improve the lives of Tamils? Isn’t that what they fought for?


In addition to that post on social media today, take a moment to think of how you can bridge that gap between where Tamils are now and what you would like to see our community become in a few years. Honor those who sacrificed their lives for us by thinking of the development of our community.

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Jananie Baskaran

Jananie Baskaran

Janani is the founder of Palm Roots, an independent initiative to support Tamils in North/East Sri Lanka with their fundamental need. She is also the owner of 3D Media based in Toronto.

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