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Ravi Soups: A Fusion of Flavour

Step into Ravi Soups and you’ll be hit by the delicious smells of his creations.

Step into Ravi Soups and you’ll be hit by the delicious smells of his creations. The restaurant has a cozy set up which includes a few small tables, that surround a large communal table—the focal point of the dining area.

A bit unusual for a restaurant, since most allow for the separation of diners, but Ravi had a different dining experience in mind. Reminiscent of his days in Kilinochi, in Northern Sri Lanka, Ravi aimed to create the communal experience of having Kool (a seafood stew). According to Ravi, “Kool days were unforgettable. 4 or 5 families would get together and go to the market to buy all kinds of seafood. In a big pot, on the open fire outside, the kool was made. We’d all sit around and a lot of relationships began from that event. A lot of love. That’s why I decided to put this table here”.

His clever idea has been the starting place for many friendships at his restaurant. People often arrive on their own during their lunch breaks and end up enjoying one another’s company around the table.

On the menu the day TC went to see Ravi were his Corn Chowder and Lamb Wrap.

The corn chowder included fresh blue crab and Thai basil. The soup was infused with spices and coconut milk which complimented the flavour of the crab nicely. Ravi has managed to create a soup that puts a new twist on two tried and trusted dishes—corn chowder and crab curry. Who would have thought a soup inspired by the two would taste so good?! Extra spices are provided on the side for those of you who like it hot!

The lamb wrap featured delicious pieces of lamb, roasted yams, mint cilantro and caramelized onions. Needless to say my friend who was a vegetarian that day was already planning his next trip to Ravi’s to make sure he got to try that wrap.

Ravi shops for the fresh ingredients that go into his dishes himself, and his extensive experience with a variety of cuisines comes across in his menu. The fusions of flavour include French, Italian, Mexican, and Tamil influences. As Ravi says, there is something for everybody and you won’t be disappointed!

Check out Ravi Soups' two locations:

1128 Queen Street West, Toronto, 416-538-7284

322 Adelaide West, Toronto, 647-435-8365

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