Questions Girls With Tattoos Are Tired Of Hearing

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I have a few ink pieces on me, some hidden and some pretty visible. I always get asked for the translation or meaning, which I don’t mind. But what annoys me is when certain strangers make snide comments about the answer they’re given, and follow up with a whole list of sometimes uncomfortable questions.

1. What Do Your Parents Think?

What am I 12?! Of course they can see these tattoos on my body, and of course I was probably yelled at for like 5 minutes and then it was accepted. Why does it matter what my parents think? Aren’t you asking about my tattoo, on my body?

2. Why Would You Spend So Much Money On That?

It’s¬†something that is personal to me and holds great meaning, permanently! The best artists do charge more for bigger pieces and it’s my investment, what’s it to you?

3. Did It Hurt?

Needle and Skin. I’m sure all those shots as a child didn’t hurt either. OF COURSE IT HURT!¬†But it was a pain I was willing to handle.

4. Why?

Why are you even talking to me right now? Jeez.

5. But You’re So Beautiful, Why Did You Ruin It All ?

So am I any less beautiful because I have ink on my skin now? I love my tattoos, they are a part of who I am. What are you trying to really tell me right now? My parents sometimes add ” you will never get married now”….pssht marriage.

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36 thoughts on “Questions Girls With Tattoos Are Tired Of Hearing

  1. Tattoos and other forms of bodily art are a form of self expression. A dolphin on ones ankle may have more significance than one can understand at first glance, or because said person, simply thinks its cute. Despite what anyone puts on their body, its THEIR body. Their form of self expression, whether or not that regret that expression later is for them to deal with. The concerns and judgemental opinions of others is why most people tend to hide their tattoos or they feel like their body art is for their eyes. Some people love having tattoos that are visible because of multiple reasons; feeling sexy, empowered, grounded, reminders, memoirs, showing them beauty, the reasons are endless and it is no ones place to impose their ideas of beauty on to others. Those who have tattoos or do not have tattoos, are entitled to their own beliefs and views, but you cannot impose the idea that a tattoo simply has to have a significant meaning to it to be worth something to someone. And simply because one cannot understand its importance or significance, does not mean they can simply strike down that form of self expression. We don’t always understand the beauty of things, but we cannot devalue them, simply because we don’t understand them.

  2. Honestly I’m lost, I thought this was all happened in 80’s & 90’s and people finally got used to it, now it’s happening again in 2015? All my sisters got tattoo.
    I’m starting to think you guys should rename it to Tamil Youth instead of culture? Just saying,

  3. Promote everything but Tamil Culture is like, how much tamil are you by showing how much art of Tamil. Tattoo has nothing to do with promoting or showing how much or not Tamil you are.

  4. Nixon we strongly support you going out and creating your own version of what our publication should be. Best of luck!

  5. “In Southern India, permanent tattoos are called¬†pachakutharathu. It was very common in south India, especially Tamil Nadu, before 1980. In northern India, permanent tattoos are called¬†godna. Tattoos have been used as cultural symbols among many tribal populations, as well as the caste-based Hindu population of India.”

    To all those whining that tattoos aren’t tamil culture.

  6. I am not sure why you are telling me if I don’t like it then don’t read it. I am stating that this person Richard mentioning how when having tattoo, you have to promote Tamil.
    I’m saying you don’t have to.
    Maybe TamilCulture is a Youth after all. Sorry (y)

  7. Naw, you guys are good at what you do, it’s the reason why I enjoy some of the other article. That doesn’t mean you have to be rude. I’m just saying. Why is the youth or late teen are so shocked? It’s so old I see more Tamil Canadian then Tamil from Eelam (Y)
    I really enjoy your site (Y)

  8. Nixon apologies- your name was not meant to be tagged. Niruben can we not have some fun with the comments section as well? ūüėČ On a serious note, every item we post has relevance to Tamils – but may not resonate with every Tamil all the time. It’s important for us to bring various perspectives to the table.

  9. Nixon we were just kidding around. Glad you enjoy the site and please do continue to provide your feedback!

  10. Johnrambo33 This is a Tamil website not a south indian website. Go to your own website dravidian! There are no Tamils in India. Tamil is a Lankan
    language and Tamil identity is Lankan. The south indian racists have copied the
    language and disgracefully call themselves Tamil and thus have stolen the Tamil
    identity. Why don’t they call themselves english since they speak english as
    well or
    why not call their state England lol? No south indian has the right to be proud
    of or speak Tamil, if so they should be proud of English and speak it as their
    mother tongue as well. south indian pride in a language which is not theirs has
    led to the racism against Lankan people.

  11. Richard so you take issue with us posting an article about women with tattoos because you don’t consider it to be relevant to Tamils and Tamil culture. However, you’re happy to ascertain that “rude a** PMSing comments” are related to Tamil culture? Interesting.

  12. Here is one for your table,Would you be ok to drink in front of your parents ? … valga valamudan TamilCulture

  13. Johnrambo33¬†Vijayan_09 why don’t you defend ignorant racist statement rather than talking nonsense

  14. Neshanthan Vijayan_09 retard, firstly there is no such thing as an Indian Tamil. How is that possible? Can there be a Chinese English or African French? If you are trying to claim that Lankans are the same as Indians you are retarded and racist. Can you show evidence that Indians come from Lanka? How is it that south indian dravidians are dark skinned and not as good looking as Lankans? How is it that south india is a filthy place where people piss on the streets, whilst such things do not happen in North Lanka? Lol so you are saying that Maldivians, Lankans and Australians are now the same as dravidians who have different and less attractive features. dravidians are darker, have weak chins, poor quality skin, eyes that stick out of their head and they have no language of their own. watch this video retard,

  15. Vijayan_09¬†No, dude. Indian Tamils are from Tamil Nadu. They’re pretty much the same group of people with some minor differences. How come you’re so confused?

  16. Neshanthan Vijayan_09 Hes a troll with self esteem issues. He posts the same thing everywhere, ignore him

  17. That is simply the opinion of some individuals, everyone is entitled to their own opinions of course. But adorning one self’s body with tattoos or piercing one’s skin and wearing jewellery dates back for centuries. Beauty is not one thing, its a fluid and dynamic and ever changing thing. So to call girls who have piercings broken is extremely narrow minded and unfair to those who do so happily get them done. It is unfair to just shame and label those who have piercings and tattoos as broken. Every has their demons and have faced their own versions of hell, no one has any entitlement to pointing out the flaws others have, especially to call a group of individuals broken because of one singular aspect of their outer being. So before posting narrow minded articles such as this, think about how much it affects people.

  18. Neshanthan¬†Vijayan_09 firstly explain what indian tamils are retard. Secondly retard how do u explain the fact that a name ‘tamil nadu’ cannot exist in India since Tamil does not come from there? futhermore how the word was coined by a madrassi racist as the shamless dravidians have no language of their own. Why don’t you actually provide evidence of a so called indian tamils. Just how do 2 different races be referred to as the same name?

  19. Johnrambo33 Neshanthan Vijayan_09 your a south indian troll who is ashamed to be a dravidian. Piss of to your dirty pissed stained south indian forum.

  20. NewThinker¬†Vijayan_09 yes I’m angry at south indian racists like yourself who have such low self-esteem as to want to come to a foreign website, because you people are rejected in India.

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