Norway Meets Switzerland In This Tamil Love Story


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This submission comes from Thiva (a TamilCulture contributor from Norway – you can read her articles here and here) and is the story of how she met her husband.

You can also read more of her thoughts through her blog –


“I met my husband through a friend. His friend took a photo of me from hi5 (yes we used that site) and showed him, and told my husband-to-be that I was his cousin. Apparently, when he first saw my picture, it was love at first sight. I was from Norway and he was from Switzerland, but Europe is small enough, especially in the Tamil community that we would run into each other in person. Turns out, as we were both dancers, that we got to meet for the first time in-person at a dance competition in Denmark in 2006. He stopped me and asked me if my name was Archana (weak attempt to get my attention but it worked). I said “no” and he proceeded to ask for my number. This began the start of a friendship for 3 years, which evolved into a more romantic relationship.

And now after 10 years, we are married.

The photos below are from award-winning photographer Paul Thava from Redefined Arts, who captured the images in Dubai and India.


The pre-wedding shoot:

Wedding highlights:

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  1. It’s not too late son. You’re a grown man now. Don’t blame your parents – they are of a different generation. What worked for your dad won’t work for us.
    If a Tamil guy gets some muscle and low body fat, gets a cool haircut like a skin fade, wears cool edgy clothes with edgy necklaces/rings/bracelets, maybe some tattoos, gets his teeth pro whitened for cheap on groupon, makes OK money, has a social circle of at least semi cool/attractive friends, has stubble, gets contacts or Lasik, etc.
    Then I don’t see how such a Tamil guy couldn’t get a decent number of attractive girls.
    Attractiveness for guys is very controllable. Quit playing the victim and moaning. Take action or accept mediocre/zero success with girls.

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