myTamilDate Success: The Second Time’s the Charm for Aranie & Saaron
"Being in Germany and searching for the right Tamil partner was not an easy journey. It took almost four years to find Saaron. For me, giving myself another chance to use myTamilDate and my patience played a big role in finding the right one."
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Get to know our latest myTamilDate success story! Aranie is a 31-year-old cancer researcher from Munich, Germany who’s currently working towards her PhD. Her hobbies include hiking, traveling and reading. Saaron is a 32-year-old living in Bremen, Germany. He’s self-employed in IT Development..

When did you first join What made you want to try

Aranie: I’ve always wanted a Tamil partner. So (MTD) was the best choice. I initially joined in 2019 but did not have luck at that time. Most of the users were either from the USA or Canada and I was not ready for a long distance relationship. So I gave up on and tried a few other local dating apps. But I had no luck. Then I joined MTD again in October 2021.

Saaron: I joined about march 16, 2022. It was tough to meet a tamil girl on my social network. And I saw your Ad on a website earlier. So I thought I could give a chance to online dating portals.

Who messaged first?

Aranie: Saaron messaged me first.

What first attracted you to the other person and made you want to meet in person?

Aranie: Saaron was very positive, full of energy, polite, understanding and patient. I have never come across anyone as perfect as him.

Saaron: I wrote to her first because of her beach picture from Sri Lanka, where she looked so pretty. After our chats via MTD we started chatting via WhatsApp and a few days later we were talking by phone. It felt nice to talk to her, but we were totally different characters. Otherwise we had important common things which we preferred. The most important thing was to be open with each other. To have aims in life. To think realistic. And being supportive of each other. I was talking about those topics and it gave me the confidence we will match.

From messaging to the first date, how much time passed?

Saaron: It took exactly 1 month on April 23, 2022.

Where did you go for your first date and how was it? 

Aranie: We had our first date at my favorite cafe for brunch which lasted for nearly three hours. Then, we went to a garden and had a long walk and chatted until evening. Afterwards we went to see the sunset from a small mountain nearby and ended up having a nice dinner in one of my favorite Indian restaurants. We spent the whole day together already on our first date and talked a lot.  

Saaron: I traveled from Bremen to Munich to see her. We were planning a weekend trip a week before but I was not sure because I started a new project and I had to work the weekend. But on a Friday morning, I spontaneously booked the train for the night to munich. Early that morning I checked into my hotel to freshen up, which was just 5 minutes away from her apartment. I bought a rose and went to the metro station near her apartment where she was waiting for me.

Some studies say that within 30 seconds of meeting a new person, we can gauge attraction. Was that true for you?

Aranie: I was attracted to him already from our daily calls and the meeting in person just confirmed it.

Saaron: Yeah that was true. I was confident that she was the right one.

When did you realize that this was your ‘special someone’ and you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with them? How do you feel about the saying ‘when you know, you know’?

Aranie: When we started talking over the phone, our compatibility was very obvious. With every meeting, it felt like we knew each other for a long time and it is so natural for us to be together.

Saaron: Almost after our first meeting and after our chats it was a sure thing. But after we spent more time together and she met my mum, I became more confident that she is the right one.

How did your respective families and friends react to the fact you met on a dating site?

Aranie: Even though my parents already knew that I was using dating apps to find the right guy for me, they were a bit skeptical about it. But once they got to know Saaron and his family, they were so happy for me.

Saaron: First of all they were happy for me. Then they were surprised that it was working so fast via MTD. I shared it with my family and friends so a few of them were thinking of joining the community too.

What does the future hold for you?

Aranie: Although marriage is our goal and we both are excited about it, we want to date for another year at least. Also we both are at the busiest phase of our careers. So we want to plan for it when we are less stressed.

What advice would you give to those looking for love but finding it difficult to meet someone? 

Aranie: My advice would be to keep an open mind and try until you find the right one. It takes a lot of patience and effort. 

Saaron: I had a very good experience with myTamilDate, better than the other online portals. And I had the feeling this platform has only serious interests and I'm sure you will find someone.

What factor would you say patience played in your journey of finding love?

Aranie: Being in Germany and searching for the right Tamil partner was not an easy journey. It took almost four years to find Saaron. For me, giving myself another chance to use myTamilDate and my patience played a big role in finding the right one.

Saaron: I think I had more luck than patience!

Even though online dating is the most effective and popular way to get married these days, some people in the Tamil community still find it to be a taboo. What would you say to them?

Aranie: I would say they should be more open about online dating. As long as the couple have good intentions for each other and are happy with each other, it does not matter how they meet. 

Saaron: I think the older generation and also some of the younger ones can’t imagine it. But also getting to know someone via insta and similar social media accounts by liking and meeting them is similar to dating apps. So nowadays the next gen people are living a virtual life so it'll be normal. So they have to get used to it- like they already changed the traditional wedding style which was not imaginable 20 years before. We have to go with the times!

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Canada is the best place to meet Tamil singles from your city and around the w... is the best place to meet Tamil singles from your city and around the w...
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