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There are some things you don’t want to see in your life but you occasionally wind up in an unfortunate situation. No, I’m not talking about the time you were forced to watch a Udaynithi Stalin movie with your mother-in-law. This is a little better than that. A cop and a traffic ticket.

Wait, before you scroll down or close your Google Chrome tab or post another selfie on Snapchat because this is some boring business article, hear me out.

Getting a ticket is an awkward process. The whole going to court, paying the fine etc.

“Traffic paralegal? No! I’ll do it myself. I’ll send my mother. I’ll just pay it.” As a traffic paralegal, I get this often from individuals who’ve received a traffic ticket. You’re right! Why hire a guy like me? After all, I’m just some guy in a suit. Right?

Paying your fines for offences is an easy process. Of course, paying $85 for not wearing a seatbelt is an easier choice than going to court, right? $80 is just 16 frappuccinos!

Here’s the issue. When you pay the fine, you are convicted of the offence and you get a cute friend called demerit points. Those demerit points have a relationship with another really cute friend with whom you renew your vows yearly – car insurance. The more demerit points you have, the higher your insurance rates will rise the following year. It doesn’t end there.

Offences like stunt driving and careless driving carry 6 demerit points, bringing your insurance down to precarious levels. Those offences often get your vehicle impounded and may get your license suspended. In worse cases, some charged will face jail time of up to 6 months.

And of course, there are the audacious individuals who like to drive without insurance. You could be fined up to $5000 for such grave offences and lose your license.

That’s where I come in. The guy in a suit who knows traffic law. Talking to the prosecutor, speaking in front of a judge, and understanding the nuances of the law are some arts that are not for everybody.

I understand that Google, Wikipedia and startup-app entrepreneur millennials have created this DIY culture of “I know it all”. You may be a DIY person, but when you get into issues like a DUI, you are better off finding a legal professional for your own well-being.

As a law society licensee who does mostly traffic defense, I can fight for your rights in court, negotiate your circumstances, reduce your fines and demerit points, and in some cases withdraw all charges. I can guarantee 100% satisfactory legal representation for your needs.

You can also get DVDs of all Udaynithi Stalin and Vishal movies at a 90% discount. I’m just kidding of course.

Check out my website and follow my Instagram page. Trust me, it’s not your everyday boring Instagram business page.

Vinoth Kumar is a licensed paralegal based in Toronto. After a career as a case manager, legal assistant and law clerk in various industries, Kumar founded TK Traffic Legal Defense. He is affectionately called “Traffic Kumar” by some people in Scarborough.

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Vinoth Kumar

Vinoth Kumar

Vinoth Kumar is a Third Culture kid. Born in India, bred in Singapore, now embracing the T-Dot. In his spare time, he annoys everyone with his opinionated views.

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