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I am Not a Feminist

One of the core beliefs of modern feminism is that women are capable of being their own authorities. Society tells us that we, as women, are finally free to do as we wish. On the surface, this sounds great! However, is feminism really what it claims to be?


Editor's note: We recognize this author's opinion may be controversial, yet not rare in our community, whether we like it or not. We occasionally share stories from the various ideological spectrums of Tamils (left, right and ranges in between) so that we can listen to each other's positions and have frank discussions to progress as a community.

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One of the core beliefs of modern feminism is that women are capable of being their own authorities. Society tells us that we, as women, are finally free to do as we wish.

On the surface, this sounds great! The allure of finally breaking the shackles of centuries of being told what to do, what to wear and how to act has captured the minds of millions of women across the globe. However, is feminism really what it claims to be?

With the explosion of social media, the world has suddenly turned into a battleground between men and women. Popular female artists add fuel to the fire, encouraging women to wear scanty clothing. They urge women to proudly post revealing pictures on social media and shout, "Boy bye!" from the rooftops of clubs.

Certain news outlets have started to make up social issues such as "manspreading." They deliberately ignore double standards that negatively affect men and even go as far to say that air conditioning is sexist. However petty it sounds, women (and some men) soaked it up like a sponge.

Despite all this, we expect men to value us for our inner beauty. We expect men to passively comply with our ideologies – no questions asked.

The definition of feminism is: "the social, economic and political equality between the sexes."

But there is a massive flaw in this definition.

Men and women are equally valuable, but we are purposely different.

Men are scientifically proven to be natural leaders, physically stronger, providers, better at logical thinking. This is why men dominate CEO positions and jobs that involve heavy physical labour. Not because society discriminates women, but because men are just on average more suitable for these roles, based on current expectations for these roles.

On the other hand, women are more likely to be more caring and possess greater emotional intelligence. Is one better than the other? Absolutely not. But in defining our own womanhood, we are rejecting our beautiful, God-given feminine traits and essentially trying to become more like a man in doing so.

Yes, we are different in many ways. But the amazing thing is that it’s these differences that make us perfectly compatible. Together, we are the best team there ever was and ever will be.

On the surface, feminism makes boastful claims of empowering and strengthening women. But when you scratch the surface, feminism perpetuates a victim mentality. Rape and domestic violence are heart-breakingly horrendous crimes. My prayers go out to all those who suffer from these unimaginable atrocities.

But feminism took away the seriousness of these evils with the claim that all women are oppressed victims. They equate their own "oppression" to girls who are denied access to an education in order to become a wife to a man three times her age. I believe this is the biggest and most dangerous lie feminism has spread.

The reality is that no matter how much power we are given over our sexuality, our identity, our worth and values, we still feel that there is something missing. We usually blame that hollow feeling on patriarchy, and it becomes a vicious cycle of blaming society and feeling more and more empty. To reject something that is so integral to our God-given blueprint as women is going to inevitably produce these feelings.

As women, it’s time we take a step back and evaluate the claims of the feminist movement. As an ex-feminist, I am braver, more encouraged and more purposeful. It’s time to let God define our worth and womanhood for us. It's time we open our eyes to a peaceful, more fulfilled way of being that we never thought was possible.

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