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How does the environment disproportionately affect people of colour?
Seher and I discuss why the environment is worse for people of colour. Intrigued? You should be. Topics include: Somali pirates, Grenfell Tower, London's air pollution, etc.
Meera Kumar
Founder of MK on the Mic
United Kingdom
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This is my first post so, firstly, thank you for reading and listening! 

My name is Meera and I run a podcast called MK on the Mic. (You can find it on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts and Acast.) It's a London-based podcast but I'm currently running it from Beijing as I'm on my university year abroad. I started it because I wanted to lead a movement for the proper representation of people of colour. Hence, topics are generally centred around but not limited to related topics.

This episode is a big deal. Let me explain why.

We all know (I hope) that climate change is very real and that our oceans are very polluted and the air we breathe isn't very clean and *gasps for breath* the list goes on. So, we know that we have to look after our planet better and we're taking steps in the right direction. This is where environmentalism comes in. It's a big word so I guarantee some people will already have stopped reading...but bear with me. Environmentalism isn't just for white, upper-middle class people who want to save the trees and the dolphins, it's for all of us. I didn't realise that until I recorded this podcast episode where I looked into some shocking case studies which really drove home the message that people of colour really are hit a lot harder by environmental issues. 

I have linked the podcast episode so you can listen in your own time. Let me know what you think of the episode and what you took away from it! 

Peace and love.


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Meera Kumar
Founder of MK on the Mic
United Kingdom
I'm studying Chinese and Economics at university but I hope to work as a radio presente...
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