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He & She: How To Keep Your Date And Wallet Happy

Dating can get expensive, especially if you're dating a golddigger who's using you for your money. But that’s another story for another time. Sneaking into movies and dining and dashing probably aren't the best ways to try and impress a girl, unless she's into that.

Going on dates shouldn't leave your wallet empty. Shika & Allan share some of their tips for going on budget friendly dates.

He said: Dating can get expensive, especially if you're dating a golddigger who's using you for your money. But that’s another story for another time. Sneaking into movies and dining and dashing probably aren't the best ways to try and impress a girl, unless she's into that. It’s safe to assume most girls are not into that. Us guys need some creative ways to take girls out on cheap dates.

She said: Can’t speak for all girls, but pretty sure most of us would rather date a guy who can impress us with a fun and creative date over a guy who takes us to the most expensive restaurant in town for a fancy, but boring, dinner/movie date.

Date idea: Skating/ Snowman building/ hot chocolate?

He said: Definitely one of the best seasonal dates you can go on. Go for a nice evening skate, followed by the two of you playing in the snow, and then you two can just cuddle up with a nice cup of hot chocolate. What you do after that is totally up to you two.

She said: Put on some thick leggings, throw on a cute sweater, and rock the infinity scarf with the matching mitts! It’s time for some winter fun!  What's more romantic than falling on your ass a couple of times under the bright starry night, or at least the city skyline? Even if you're not sporty, he'll literally fall for your adventurous spirit and your laid back attitude.  Stop by for some hot chocolate after, pull out the Baileys, defrost your toes and fingers, and warm up by the fireplace as the sparks start to fly.

Date idea: Museums?

He said: Museums during the day? Might be a little boring. Museums at night? PARTY! Yes as weird as it sounds, you can party at your local museum - not all of them, but some of them. How cool would it be to party with dinosaurs? Dead ones of course, I can't imagine partying with live ones that will eat you, being too pleasant. Maybe it’s the story for Jurassic Park 4?

She said: Who says nerds can't have fun and look cute? Skinny jeans, peplum top and a statement necklace and you're all set for a ‘Friday nights at the ROM’. Can it get better than cocktails, finger foods, and DJ playing some sexy cool beats as you party with dinosaurs? Actually it can. Impress him with your knowledge of Egyptian artifacts from 200 BC, and you just might have scored yourself a second date.

Date idea: Take a class together?

He said: The best dates are the ones where you learn. Actually, not really. But you can have some fun with it. Maybe take a cooking class - that way you're doing something together and get some awesome food. Unless you can't cook… then you’re on your own. Sorry.

She said: While he might not impress you with his cooking skills, watching him look like a complete idiot in a cooking class is pretty darn cute. It shows that he’s ok with being outside of his comfort zone and that he’s not a complete Amma's boy.  Treat him to a bottle of wine and pick up some of your favorite take out to celebrate his first attempt at cooking…. WAIT, he can already cook and he makes a mean quiche?! Girl, forget dating, marry him!

Date idea: Paintball?

He said: Shooting your date isn't usually acceptable, but this time it is. What better way to bond than trying not to get pelted with paintballs? Best part is that most paintball facilities have a lot of half price days which makes it a pretty cheap date option.  Just don't shoot her in the face or I'm sure you won't get another date.

She said: No...Just no. I don’t know any girl who looks cute in a pair of big baggy grey overalls and goggles, even if you’re kicking his ass. Plus, it hurts :(

Date idea: Board game cafe?

He said: Find me someone who doesn't like board games. They're always fun and insanely competitive. You can learn a lot about someone when you play board games together. Are they a trash talker? Do they cheat? These little tidbits will help in trying to build a relationship with your date. Did I mention cheap? I probably didn't need to, because if you didn't get that these were ‘cheap date’ ideas after reading the title, then you probably shouldn't be dating.

She said: Clue! Guess Who! Scrabble? So many board games, so little time.  Girls, pay attention. If he can hold his composure while losing over a little friendly, competitive game of Candy Land, it’s a good sign that he’ll be able to handle the inevitable fights when you become a couple. PS - Winner gets to pick dessert, loser gets an extra kiss.

We said: Regardless of what you do, where you go, or even how much money you spend, just make sure you have fun!

Do you have ideas for cheap dates? Share them below – we’d love to hear them!

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