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Adding Spice to Tamil Media: Ginger and Garlic

We started ‘Ginger and Garlic Media’ with the end goal of creating a platform for independent content creators to showcase their talents. We provide office space and equipment which they can use without having to worry about the cost of renting. This endeavor has provided us the benefit of creating content for a career that we truly enjoy.


More and more Tamil artists are getting exposure through social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.  We want to be in the forefront promoting these artists to a larger audience. To get there, we would need to generate a significant following of our own and that is why we are trying to collaborate with popular Tamil YouTube icons to grow our channel and viewership. If you look at our ‘Chilled Session’ series, we have performed interviews with individuals such as Vithujan Arumugam, who is a public figure with a large following in the community.  This particular video is currently the most viewed video on our channel and it has helped us gain a lot of viewers. We hope that when our channel is at a point where we have that kind of following, we will be in a position to help other smaller channels and artists.


Just like our channel name, we add spice and flavour to the videos we produce. What makes us different from other channels is that we don’t shy away from taboo subjects. Our ‘Straight Up’ series proves this.  In this series, we speak about divorce and remarriage in our first episode. In comparison to Western society, we believe that the Tamil community has not progressed enough when it comes to support for men and women who are in abusive or unhappy marriages. When someone decides to take steps to divorce their partner, they are often marginalized by Tamil society. By speaking more openly about this issue, we can inform more people and work to bring about social change.


There are many hurdles that we faced when we first started out with this venture. Trying to stand out amongst other channels who were already well established within the community and posses a large following, was a big challenge for us. Another challenge was creating content that was both entertaining and educational, in a sense that our viewers will be able to take something away from each video.


We are nowhere near where we want to be in order to be in a position to give advice to others, but one thing we really would like to say is if you want to do something then just go for it. When we looked at the pros and cons of starting a YouTube channel, we saw that we had nothing to lose from trying something new. Receiving hateful comments from imbeciles behind a screen isn’t unexpected in this day and age. On the other hand, positive comments from viewers around the world feed your hunger for success and make you want to create better quality videos.


It is also extremely important to understand how much of an impact that social media can have on your channel. This is especially true when it comes to targeting millennials that are frequently on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. These applications allow a large audience to access and share your posts and by doing this, you are able to increase your viewership.


Our plan for the foreseeable future is to push out more high-quality videos and expand our team. We intend to collaborate with more artists and content creators to provide our viewers with an experience that hasn’t been done by anyone else. Look our for us - Ginger and Garlic Media!



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