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Resilience is a big part of how I have arrived at where I am in life. Having a creative outlet was instrumental in my progress. As a kid, I was bullied a lot, but it was music that kept me strong and kept me going. Music connected me to the people around me, even if those same people didn’t want to be connected to me. I played piano and flute as a kid but hip-hop was my true calling. The art form that was born out of hardship experienced by Black youth in New York is what resonated with me the most. Being a first-generation Canadian from refugee parents, my friends and I went through similar struggles.


At home I faced different challenges. There was the “make sure you become a doctor or an engineer” challenge that a lot of us face. There was also the struggle and joy of growing up with a brother who had Autism Spectrum Disorder, someone who couldn’t express himself the way I could. I couldn’t help but be drawn to medicine as a way to help other children like my brother. The question was, how would I blend and balance these two interests in order to do something positive for my community?




As I grew and matured I realized that I could use my art to empower others and RageMD was born. I try to have a message in my music even when I am flexin’ my lyrical muscle. Furthermore, I have given back to my community by working with youth mentorship programs and UNITY charity. Money raised through performing at charity events have also supported causes such as the Syrian refugee crisis and mental health awareness. As a future physician, my goal is to continue looking for ways to use hip-hop in order to help heal, motivate, and instill resilience in others while still droppin’ the hottest tracks you have ever heard.



I believe that what makes me unique is that I don’t do this for money, or fame, or to have the next biggest hit. I do it for me, and I do it for everyone out there who has that kid inside them who is full of hope and dreams. My latest single “What You Lookin’ At” produced by my good friend SaDiCi resonates a lot with my story. Hope you enjoy it.

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Rage MD

Rageen aka RageMD is a 4th year medical student at UofT, genetics researcher, and hiphop artist. His interests include neurobehavioural disorders, innovative technologies, and youth empowerment.

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