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Dating While Tamil: Licensed Therapist Vasavi Kumar Answers Your Questions
Being a single Tamil and dating comes with its unique set of challenges as you balance dual cultural identities and expectations. Texas-based Vasavi is here to help you navigate the dating world!
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Here are the questions that Vasavi was asked by Tamil men and women who are experiencing some challenges in their dating lives.

1. I don't know if me and my boyfriend should keep dating. I know both of our parents won't agree.

2. How can I convince my parents to let me date guys who aren't Tamil?

3. How can I avoid misunderstandings in a chat when we are just starting to get to know each other?

4. Conflicting views on having children. We are compatible on every other level.

5. I get highly possessive with time. Is this normal? I feel like I am not suited for a relationship.

6. I'm dating someone who is Hindu(like me), however not SL like me. Is it worth pursuing?

7. Hi, I am divorced & a never married boy has approached to marry me. Will it work out between us?

8. I don't give in to physical appearance and he does a lot. I am skeptical to accept him.

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