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So, they are official now. Yay! That couple is finally together, the couple that everyone predicted since season one. I honestly thought the show would be over once they hooked up. Fairy tale ending, everyone’s together, is that all I get to see of Mindy? (Other than the rerun marathons I set up with my roommates, here and there). But no, thankfully the show goes on.

I actually liked how Mindy used to pursue a new guy almost every other week, only to see it fail horribly. The office gossip would be at a standstill now, in that regard. Nowadays, Mindy’s info over-sharing at the office is all about Danny. Not that Danny wants everyone to know how good he is with his tongue. Awkward.

Leaving aside my random thoughts, let’s switch gears to last week’s episode. The only thing I wanted to say was ” OMG DANNY’S MOM.”

Episode 2: Annette Castellano is my Nemesis

It starts off with Mrs. Castellano coming over to see Danny, and thinking that Mindy was a housemaid, because you know, she’s brown. Then we find out that Danny’s mom never likes his girlfriends. Danny was just planning to let nature run its course. Either Momma Castellano passes away or they meet at the wedding, since Mindy will be covered from head to toe, being an “Orthodox something” and all.

This is where Mindy’s mom catching plan comes through, which is as follows:

1. Compliment her

2. Find some common ground with her

3. Come bearing gifts

4. Agree with EVERYTHING she says.

But, trouble always follows Mindy. She unexpectedly shows up at a birthday brunch Danny planned for his mother, where she comes so so close to getting her approval. That was until Mrs. Castellano puts Danny down by not showing any appreciation for the new stove he got her.  Mindy stands up for him and loses Mrs. Castellano’s approval in the process.  Not one to give up, Mindy eventually gains her affections, which leads to a home cooked meal in Staten Island where we hear awkward comments like:

Danny’s mother to Mindy: ” Bought Danny these pants and he’s tearing right through them!”

“A boy’s bedroom should never have an erection in it.” –Mrs. Castellano

Now, their relationship isn’t the entire focus of the show. Tamra asks Morgan to pee sitting down (nothing wrong with that – nothing at all!) and then asks him to sell his countless dogs. Peter tries to tell Morgan that “all women are manipulative by nature.”  Tamra realizes her controlling ways and they come to a conclusion, yadda yada, Morgan gets to keep his dogs.

Best scene: Mindy holding down Danny’s mother as she screamed ” Your hand is on my pubis.”

Note: One thing that I noticed was that Danny gets Mindy a present EVERYDAY. Is there a Danny in Canada that I can find perhaps?

Presents Galore

Episode 3: Never burn Bridges with your Ex 

This was an episode full of surprises. It begins with Mindy trying to leave her belongings at Danny’s apartment. But with every attempt, she fails. Danny finds her toothbrush wherever she places it, even on the fire escape! Perhaps his reluctance to not keep her items at the apartment is a deeper fear of commitment to the actual relationship??

Caught again!

Mindy learns that she hasn’t paid her taxes in years, something which affects the practice. This sends the boys of the firm into a complete spiral, forcing Mindy to take immediate action. Of course, the lawyer she had previously hired to solve her tax troubles was the oh-so dashing Lawyer and Mindy’s Ex, Cliff, whom she cheated on with Danny. Mindy being Mindy, she puts aside her guilt and asks Cliff for help, to which he says no, and indicates the universe should punish her. Mindy quickly states that she and Danny broke up and he cheated on her. This immediately wins over Cliff, and gets him on the case.

Morgan voicing his opinion as always…

Cliff actively starts to flirt with Mindy over the tax case, but rather than loving the attention like she normally would, Mindy looks really uncomfortable the entire time. After finding out she owes a shit ton of money, she also discovers through Cliff that Danny is still married. Whaat?! After Mindy confronts him, Danny storms into Cliff’s office demanding why he told her, and we find out that Cliff knew Mindy was lying the entire time. So he bargained with Danny – divorce papers for the Yankee stadium seat ( Yeah that blue dirty one). Did I forget to mention that Cliff is a Sox Fan? Poor Danny.

As always, there is a happy-ish ending for Mindy. Danny presents her with a drawer to keep her clothes at his apartment. A Pink drawer, perfect for Mindy.

I did not forget Peter and Lauren! Lauren breaks it off with Peter and Jeremy, but as Jeremy was being considered for deportation back to England (thanks to a tip to Immigration Services by Peter), Lauren realizes her love for Jeremy. Poor Peter.

Best scene: Mindy, Danny and both of her exes sharing an elevator ride together. Awkward!

What did you think of the episodes thus far? Leave a comment below.

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