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Customers Fundraise to Send Their Favourite Employee, Vishnu Gopansothilingan, Back To School
Vishnu's positive energy regularly uplifts the spirits of customers at the Tim Hortons coffee shop where he works, so they came together to show their appreciation by helping him go back to university.
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-Reported by the CBC. Read the full article here.

'It's amazing how people appreciate the small things that I do,' says Vishnu Gopansothilingan

Vishnu works as a customer service employee at a Tim Hortons coffee shop in Vaughan, Ontario in Canada, where he consistently brightens everyone's day with his positive energy.

"He makes your day," said Matthew Shulman. "This guy, he fist-bumps you, he gives you weather reports. Everybody in the community thinks they're special and he only does it with them, but it turns out he's doing it with everybody."

When customers learned that he was studying IT at York University, but dropped out due to financial constraints, they proceeded to start a GoFundMe campaign, led by Shulman. They've managed to raise over $9,300 to help him go back to school, with more than 200 people donating.

"In a time of such uncertainty, [Vishnu] is and always has been a ray of sunshine! I, like many others look forward to my morning coffee, fist bump, huge smile, worldly quotes, weather reviews, silly jokes and the 'have an amazing day,' " wrote Shulman on the GoFundMe site. 


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