Complaining About Being Single Is Not Going To Make You Less Single


If you are single and don’t have an interest in finding that special someone at the moment, this article is not for you, so you get five minutes back to procrastinate in other ways. Perhaps, you can check this out? Now, if you are single and interested in improving your love life, read on!

I have single friends who fall into both buckets above. Some who are single and choose to continue down that path happily.  Then, there are those friends who are single, totally unhappy about it, complain about it, and best of all expect to miraculously be in a relationship while continuing to change nothing about their current lifestyle. I will add that they are likeable, attractive and accomplished individuals, but seem to be fixated on the idea that prince or princess charming is going to waltz into their lives any minute. Reality check friends – the likelihood of that happening is not very high. You have to actively seek romance. Similar to looking for a job, you need to let it be known to others that you’re looking to find someone, and take steps towards meeting people.

I gave the above lecture to one of my single Tamil friends and encouraged her to sign up for I’m very proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone and trying online dating for the first time! Within the 5 days that the site has been around, she was able to interact with some members that piqued her interest. They were young professionals, similar to her, with matching personal hobbies. She has also been rejecting some requests to chat. My friend had posted her picture and fully completed her profile, so when she sees requests from men who have no profile images or incomplete profiles, she automatically rejects them. I’m sure this would apply to both men and women. Why hide your face and key details about you that could attract a potential partner? We’re living in an age of constant personal information sharing through various social media platforms, but when it comes to something as important as finding love it’s okay to hide behind shadow images? That’s not going to get you far on a dating site, so put up a picture and complete your profile!

My friend’s next step? To take her online conversations offline by meeting her myTamilDates in person! After all, the online conversation is just the introduction. The in person meet up is what will help you decide if someone is truly right for you.

Are you single? Are you interested in meeting Tamil singles in your city and across the world? Join!

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2 thoughts on “Complaining About Being Single Is Not Going To Make You Less Single

  1. Problems in South Asian Community.
    1. Judgement. South Asians judge a person based on accent, dress code and nationality. Girls you are very guilty of this. How do you tell the difference between a guy creeping on you and a hot dude hitting on you? Let me guess. If i wear a checkered shirt, semi frame glasses, spot a mustache and speak in an Indian accent, I am creeping on you. If I wear a white shirt with black tie without a mustache and spoke in some fake accent, I am a cute brown guy eh? (BTW, Why is moustache hipsterish and cool for white guy but when i adorn it, I am some FOB?)
    2. High expectations. Just because some half bengali actress makes it to Hollywood and dates tons of Ryan goslings look a -likes doesn’t mean it would happen to you. Its media honey! Logically, Shouldn’t all Kollywood movie fans be flocking to North India for their fair skinned maidens then?
    3. A strong women needs no man! Cut the bull crap. Living alone sucks! It sucks balls especially if you’re a minority community. The 40,000 CAD per year salary wouldn’t allow you to travel to venice and Venezuela every year. Yes Miss Angeline Jolie, you won’t be able to adopt any African Kid either. Get over your ex boyfriend. No one cares if you’ve lost your virginity or not. Just don’t lose your mind.
    4. Taking technology too seriously. Facebook likes, sms, whaatsap doesn’t mean anything. Pick the damn phone,call and meet up.

  2. Just get an arranged marriage with a girls from the country , it’s much easier and the girls here are more beautiful both inside and outside.

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