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Bet On the Future

What can I say, my life is one big roller coaster ride! At my age, it would be nice to have a 6 digit salary, a house, a V12 car and be married. However, my life is far from that. Earlier this year, I started a party rental company called Krentalz with my last bit of savings. This company has become my focus.

I went to school to stay in school. I became a teacher but realized that I cared more about myself than the students. I always organized parties for my friends and family and now I want to pursue this path on a larger scale. I still want to be a teacher, but I have set myself on another journey. I am going to play this decision out for a couple of years and come back to teaching with profound wisdom I can share with the next generation.  Hopefully, I will be rich by then too- fingers crossed!

That’s how I hope things play out, but nothing is guaranteed. What I do know is that I want to make this company grow. When you start a company, it becomes your child because it reflects the work you put into it. I have high expectations and high hopes that Krentalz will reach it's potential. It is too early to say that the company is successful, but I know that it will get there. I have worked alongside many people who I see as astounding hustlers and have learned a lot from them. Here are a few tips that they have shared with me:


  1. Be specific in what you want to grow and get started
Find what you want to get into. Start small, stay in your lane and get started. As my successful, neck tattoo’ed friend would say, “Trust the Process and things will fall into place”.  You will be surprised how fast something that was once daunting quickly becomes one of your skills.


  1. Make moves in silence and in loudness
Marketing is very important and this can be done through posting highlights of your business on social media, one thing that I have trouble with. However, you do not need to share everything you do or think, as this can cost you future clients.


  1. Be resourceful and results-oriented
I was an employment counselor a few years ago and the keywords I would encourage clients to be are resourceful and results-oriented. Being results-oriented reflects someone who puts tasks above all else and makes sure that they are accomplished. Being resourceful is how you make results. Use what is available to you; friends, family, and even a site called where you can pay people a minimum of $5 to do a task for you. Just get it done!

Lastly, make sure you communicate your expectations clearly with anyone you deal with through your business. It will be awkward but it is necessary. In business and in life, you will come across 'snakes' but also 'dawgs', sometimes it just depends on your approach.

I learned a lot from how far I have come. The only thing I wish that someone would have told me before I set on this journey is that the cost of your dreams are worth more than its' weight in gold because it will take your hobbies, sour relationships, and even affect your health.

But regardless of the risk, I will always bet on myself. I’m all in, so up the ante!





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