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Published: | Canada

AMU Releases IthuThaana Ahead of Debut EP

Toronto's AllMixedUp Releases Their Latest Single, IthuThaana.

Following up on their single "Kathali", AllMixedUp's IthuThaana shows off the group's fusion of hip hop, trap and Tamil music in a visually stunning video.

IthuThaana was actually written before Kathali, but AMU knew they had something special on their hands with this track and wanted to get every element of its video just right. 

Filmed on location in Toronto at Mint Room Studios and at AMU's personal studio, the song was produced by AMU's Rocky Jeyam, a filmmaker by trade, and directed by Kolan Shan, with Sadi Shans and Ram Jeyam as grips.

IthuThaana is the first song co-written by Nav, Geeths and Question416. It was a labour of love by the artists, involving a month of pre-production, including choreography, and working with Free Rani as stylists to bring the vision to life.

Another full month was dedicated to recording, mixing, and mastering until they'd gotten the video to just where they'd wanted it.   

AMU is excited to share that they have more projects coming up, including their self-titled EP this summer. They will also be performing at several shows, and headlining their very own. A Canada-wide tour is in the works, and so are performances in Europe and Asia in the fall!

For more details and updates follow AMU on InstagramFacebook, Twitter (@AllMixedUp4) and YouTube. All inquiries, and booking requests, can be directed to contactallmixedup@gmail.com.

Here’s what the team had to share about IthuThaana: 

"We only had a couple hours of sleep because of another shoot. Fortunately, everyone put their 110% and everything worked out great! I hope this video is able to reach a lot of people so the world can see that you don't need to be a celebrity or have tons of money to be able to produce high quality content." - Kolan Shan, Director    

“Although the team at Free Rani isn’t Tamil, we bumped the song non-stop during pre-production. The beat catches you and the vibe of the song breaks any language barriers.” - Jyoti Nagra, Brand Director, Free Rani. 

“Nothing is easy when you aim for perfectionThe moon light shot was the hardest - getting the right lighting to enhance the dance choreography.” - Question 416, Rapper, AMU.

The dream for this project, and all our projects, is to provide music that people love with the highest production standards. We shot this video on a camera that is used for Hollywood movies because we wanted to spare no expense to create something amazing.“ - Geeth, Singer, AMU

“I’m excited for the world to witness Tamil Canadians’ talent. And I can’t wait to hear someone humming “Ithu Thaana Naa Naa Thananna…" - Navz, Singer, Songwriter, AMU

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