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A University In Beijing Is Teaching Tamil Just Because The Students Just Love The Language

For Fu Pei lin, it was love at first sight, figuratively at least, when she gazed at the Tamil syllables and tried pronouncing them at the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU).

“Honestly, Tamil is difficult to learn. But I feel so proud and happy when I utter every syllable of it,” she said. Lin was among 10 Chinese students, 9 girls and a boy, who got a taste of the dravidian language on Monday when classes began for the third Indian language – after Hindi and Bengali – to be launched at BFSU this year.

The students will be learning Tamil Language and Literature over the next four years to earn their bachelor’s degree in it.

“It reminded me of my first day of learning Tamil 15 years ago. So much needs to be done,” head of the Tamil language department, Eesvari alias Zhou Xin, told TOI in a telephonic interview on Tuesday.

In fact, she is excited to learn more about Tamil with her students. The students got to know about the language from the university’s advertisements on the website and in secondary schools.

The students admittedly know very little about Tamil, but Monday’s class has got them excited. They will learn the language and tour Tamil Nadu for six to twelve months to witness the rich culture of the place where their course originated.

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