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Published: | Canada

A Tribute To I.M. Vijayan, One Of India's Greatest Soccer Players

The short film, '10 - A Reminder ' highlights the story of an unsung sports hero.

Direction & Editing | Aswin Krishna
Produced By | Avenir Technology
Dialogues | Arun C S
Cinematography | Sreekanth Easwar
Music | Sibu Sukumaran
Sound Design | Shefin Mayan
Recording | Sreekumar Subhasree
Designs | Aneesh Lenin
Post Production Manger | Sanraj Amritham
Digital Marketing | Sabin Philip Abraham

Ahead of FIFA 2018, a team of creators from India has a released a moving tribute to I.M. Vijayan, one of India's unsung soccer heroes. The short film beautifully presents the idea that it's often only those with big endorsements whose names become the stuff of legends (think Messi and Ronaldo). But, as Director Aswin Krishna point outs, I.M. Vijayan's story, like many others, deserves to be celebrated and shared.

Watch with subtitles if you're not familiar with Malayalam!

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