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Editor’s Note: This interview was first published on March 30th, 2012.

Since publication Waiting For Summer has been screened at several prestigious film festivals, where it has also been recognized with awards. The festivals, and awards, include: Huntsville International Film Festival (Best Picture award), Hamilton Film Festival (Best drama award, Best Actress award), Canadian International Film Festival, Vancouver (Rising star award), Edmonton International film festival, Mississauga Independent Film Festival and the Canadian Film Festival (Toronto).

Moving across cultures, and literally across the globe himself from Coimbatore to Toronto, Director Senthil Vinu explores the strong influence parents have on the lives of their children in his first feature film.

In Waiting For Summer, like many in their 20s and 30s, Chantal and Zach find themselves at a crossroads. As they realize that the only way forward is to come to terms with things that have impacted them earlier in life, their lives become unexpectedly entwined in this romantic drama.

Rather than trying to draw conclusions about these experiences, however, Vinu’s aim is to give his audience exposure to certain experiences, to allow them to empathize with things that may be foreign to them.

Filmed and set in Toronto, Waiting For Summer will be premiering at the Canadian Film Fest on March 30. While there are plans to distribute the film, there’s nothing quite like watching it in the festival atmosphere, with the cast and crew, Vinu assured us. TC had the chance to connect with the film’s co-producer, Bruno Marino, and the film’s leads Virginia Leigh and Caleb Verzyden.

Check out what they had to say about the film:

TamilCulture: What made you want to be a part of this film?
Bruno Marino: I was fortunate to meet Senthil several years ago at a film workshop. We hit it off and soon collaborated on each other’s projects. I was very interested to be part of a film that offered a unique prospective on the subject.
Virginia: When I read the script for the first audition, I was struck by the artistry and atmosphere it suggested. It felt like a dream – very romantic, but subtle.
Caleb: I read the script and it came across as extremely captivating. Especially the scene that I had to prepare for for the audition.

TC: What do you think sets Senthil apart from other directors or filmmakers?
BM: Senthil is unique in that he brings a cultural difference through his vision, creating a unique story telling style.
VL: One of my favourite things about working with Senthil is that he is so in the moment – it feels that Senthil is very absorbed in bringing the story and vision to life. And his work comes from the heart—he tells the story of how the human heart changes, and each emotional ripple is considered.
CV: I found Senthil extremely dedicated to this film and what he was trying to portray, and very open to creative input. His style was very easy-going and was open for change if a scene needed to be tweeked/suggestions added.

TC: What has made this film memorable or challenging for you?
BM: Any film presents a set of obstacles that a filmmaker must endure. Having limited resources and finances a director must always compromise his artistic vision in order to complete each day of shooting. Senthil persevered ensuring to get the best performances from his actors despite dealing with a grueling shedule and a very cold winter.

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