Tonight at TIFF: Him, Here, After

Him Here After

Screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival in June, “Him, Here, After” is writer and director Asoka Handagama’s portrayal of life after the civil war in Sri Lanka, tackling the feat of representing the the social problems left in its wake.

Handagama sets this Tamil tale in the time “after”: after the war, after the trauma, after the return. For Handagama’s unnamed protagonist, “Him,” returning to his former life in the city of Jaffna proves impossible. Greeted by his neighbours with suspicion, hostility and accusations, he struggles to find a job and to reconnect with the lover he left behind, who in his absence married another man to save herself from conscription by the rebels. In a bitter irony, he now faces extortion when trying to get a new driver’s license, mirroring the “war taxes” extorted from villagers by the rebels during the long conflict. When he finally…more.

Showtimes for “Him, Here, After” at TIFF this year:

Friday, September 7
Cineplex Yonge & Dundas 6

Monday, September 10
TIFF Bell Lightbox 2

Saturday, September 15
TIFF Bell Lightbox 3

-Image courtesy of TIFF.

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One thought on “Tonight at TIFF: Him, Here, After


    Synopis war that has ravaged Sri Lanka for 30 years, and caused the deaths of nearly 100,000 people, ended with the defeat of the separatist Tamil Tigers (LTTE) in May 2009. After deuxans spent in a rehabilitation center, a young ex-combatants Tamil returns to his village, in an area formerly controlled by the LTTE. He finds the woman he loved, and began to return to a normal life. But the hatred of the past, shady dealings and resentment are all minefields who returns ..
    Statement of the directorThirty years of war is long enough for an entire generation knows nothing other than carry a weapon. For all these children and young people recruited as soldiers by the LTTE, the return to a normal life is another fight, more painful and more dangerous than they had faced before. Because victims already forced into the war machine, these men and women are again drawn into a vicious circle of violence and suffering …
    As oka HandagamaBorn in 1962 in Sri Lanka, where he lives and works, Asoka Handagama is one of the personalities of both the most respected and most controversial of Sri Lankan society. Mathematician and economist by training, he is a very early stage, by the theater and the cinema, uncompromising describe the social, economic and cultural his country. This is my Moon (2000) and Flying with one Wing ( 2002) earned him international recognition through numerous awards won these films at festivals around the world. His next film, A Letter of Fire (2005), is completely censored in Sri Lanka, and remains unreleased to this day. Avan Ini is his seventh feature film.

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