TC Talks (Episode 04): Tamil Pet Peeves


You love your Tamil family and friends, but sometimes they do sh*t that just gets on your nerves. Your TC Podcast hosts Ari and Nithya discuss their Tamil pet peeves. Comment below if you can relate.

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5 thoughts on “TC Talks (Episode 04): Tamil Pet Peeves

  1. Having everything be extra spicey like it’s a competition when eating out … Especially when its non Tamil.

  2. Toronto Tamils are fortunate in so far as the generosity of Canadian immigration policy has allowed us to transfer entire villages from Jaffna to Scarborough and South Markham.
    This has allowed many young second generation SL Tamils to grow up with a tight-knit extended family circle of aunts, uncles, grandparents, first cousins, second cousins, cousins once removed, aunt’s neighbour’s in-laws’ sons etc.
    Young Tamils who benefit from growing up in such an environment tend to be far more secure in their Tamil identity (ergo the preponderance of Tamil community organizations, university formals, dance troupes, TC Magazine, myTamilDate etc).
    The 90s born generation of Tamils is more proud and reassured in being “Tamil” than the 80s born generation in many ways.
    Contrast this to the far more dispersed South Asian population of the US who grow up in much more atomized, isolated environments away from extended family – often in all-white suburbia. A lot of American South Asian kids have severe identity issues (hence the pervasive “ABCD – American Born Confused Desi” phenomenon).

  3. When tamil aunties ask when your going to get married? And when you are married they ask when your going to have kids. U0001f611

  4. 80s born ones are confused as F. Funny thing about them, they came at a later age to canada, try to fit in and are some confused souls. Divorced, marrying twice, having affairs, running weird start ups. No matter how much a turkey flashes its feathers, it wont be peacock. Wonder when they’ll get it.

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