Tamil Wedding Magazine Is Told “This Is Not A Tamil Bride”

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Jodi Bridal Show, one of the most popular Tamil wedding shows in Canada, is facing some backlash over their magazine’s cover choice this year. While most people have shown support and admiration for the artistic direction of the cover, and the empowering message it aims to send that the modern Tamil bride can dress as she likes, a select few feel that it’s tainting Tamil culture.

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According to some, “This is not a Tamil Bride..”


TC received the following statement from Jodi.

“Our team collaborated with talented individuals to unleash the limitless potential for every woman/bride.

This cover is a celebration of self-confident independent women/brides who push the boundaries of the norm. It celebrates the different types of Tamil brides that are emerging in 2017. Every Tamil bride, whether she shows her midriff, her thighs, her legs or any part of her body should be able to do so freely without judgement. The sari is a beautiful art piece and young women around the globe are bringing forth their own beautiful style of dressing it and this cover embraces the beauty of it.”


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131 thoughts on “Tamil Wedding Magazine Is Told “This Is Not A Tamil Bride”

  1. There are many things I don’t support, but I totally agree with this one; in my eyes, the lady in this picture is not What I would call a “tamil/hindu bride”.

  2. LOL really? people getting a little butt hurt over a girl showing a little leg? it’s a bridal fashion magazine. it’s meant to push boundaries on traditional clothes. get over it.

  3. This cover is absolutely stunning. I love everything about it… Styling, creative direction & the shot itself is so on point. To me, this cover celebrates “woman” – she is strong and beautiful. This is also about creativity …. All bridal magazines- north Asian & White bridal magazines etc push creative boundaries when it comes to bridal shoots. The way I see it, It makes heads turn and make people pick up these magazines ! So why can’t we do it. … Maybe just some people are stuck behind a little and closed minded in our community? We’ll all get there eventually…. But for now, I think creative geniuses should just carry on what they’re doing and not be sorry!… There’s plenty more of us out there who love seeing this stuff!😍😍😍💁🏾✌🏾️

  4. Ummm did we forget that we’re in the year of 2017? These past couple years, us women, especially women of south Asian cultures have been moving forward, together and collectively. It’s people like this that can’t handle the progression and strength and try to reel us backwards into the dark…. so lame. Move on people.

  5. … assuming the lady is Tamil or Hindu and she is in fact a bride … then she would in fact be a Tamil/Hindu bride regardless of what you think

  6. This may not be a traditional conservative Tamil/Hindu bride but it is a modern interpretation of it. Times,opinions and tastes are changing so let’s embrace it and move forward. No one is forcing this look on anyone, so feel free to express yourself in any way you like 🙂

  7. Shouldn’t a magazine have the freedom of expression? If you do not like it don’t buy the magazine, don’t go to the show, don’t wear the dress. Saree is a long piece of beautiful clothe that leads itself to self expression. Does everyone in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and so on wear their saree the same traditional way? Over the years pre-colonial and post-colonial Saree has adapted to its wearer, its environment, its “culture” and society, thats why even after 1000 of years it exists!!!. Lets embrace change and move on with the world. Let us all wear what we want its a free world after all.

  8. I don’t get why people are upset. All I see is a beautiful confidant woman looking like a queen. It’s 2017- it’s a little leg, what’s the big deal?

  9. Ruth Kavita traditionalism versus modernism. I just loved that this was Beyoncé inspired too and the meaning behind that is like you said it – confidence, strength & plus creativity! I mean fashion and style is an evolving thing anyway. Those who embrace simplicity or traditional can still emulate that on their wedding days or social events but it’s a 2017 bridal magazine so again I don’t see what’s wrong in it either

  10. Well said- I agree 100%
    Women should feel empowered to look however they want on their wedding day. No judgement.

  11. This portrayal of a “Tamil bride” on the magazine is not a depiction of how the Tamil bride is portrayed in our culture as a whole. I am all for modern modifications to dressing and food and everything in-between. Portraying this model in the magazine wearing a traditional wedding saree while showing off her legs as if she was wearing a skirt is downright insulting in my opinion and i am sure many others that respect the culture feel the same.

  12. What is with people always getting involved with everything except their own life.. we can get dressed which ever we like.. gosh..

  13. but if she wore a skirt and showed her legs like that, would it be okay? What does tradition mean to you? What is a traditional saree? What is insulting to you about this? How is this disrespecting the culture? Please shed some light

  14. I am sure i do not need to tell the general public how a traditional saree should look like. Read upon some history if you are unaware; that is quite unfortunate. For all the women saying this is 2017 and this is how modern times work. That’s great but what culture is going to be left if we continue with this type of mentality? Are we looking to abolish the Tamil culture altogether?

  15. It’s a fashion mag & fashion mags r supposed to push the boundaries. No one in their right minds wears exactly what’s published in these mags or on runways. It’s just the inspiration that guides more realistic attire.
    That said, in this day & age, women can/shd b able to wear whatever they want…esp @ their own wddg! I had to wear a traditional sari @ mine & it was very uncomfortable yet I had to wear it. Clearly other ppl’s comfort mattered more than mine. If a bride is comfortable wearing this than a traditional sari, SO BE IT.

  16. Thusy Vijay I am asking b/c I run a fashion company that highlights the sari, and yes I do know the history. The sari can be worn in over a hundred different ways. The Nivi drape, that which you are used to, was typically worn by women in the villages, then one day a Bollywood actress decided to copy that drape and popularized it. That is what you are seeing today. You do NOT know how a traditional sari is supposed to look, because no clear definition exists, even dating back to 100B.C. To your point about culture, if the sari is a part of our culture, then it too must evolve with the changing times.

  17. So my whole point is flying over your head apparently. Great that your a fashion designer, good on you. I understand a saree can be draped in many ways. However, i also agree times have changed and blouses are customized in a way that the culture is not used to. It’s been going on for a while actually, my problem is this picture displayed on magazine with her legs fully exposed. That is the first time i have ever seen that in my life. Please refrain from telling me about modern times, i have been in this country long enough to realize what’s going on by the way. The main point for my input is drape the saree however the way you want but is the LEG exposure really necessary? That’s the topic of discussion here.

  18. seriously, what is upsetting you so much about her legs? also, to answer your question about what culture will be left if keep doing this? I will tell that if we do not adapt to change, we will lose the sari. Guess why the sari has been around for centuries? b/c it’s a piece of cloth. It’s versatile. It let’s you do whatever you want with it. So sure, we can just keep doing what you expect us to do……but guess what bud? more and more women are opting for a dress instead of the sari….is that what you to happen? Now to a bigger point. If a woman wanted to wear biki and jeans on her wedding, she can do it. You literally have no right over what she chooses to do. So I am sorry you feel uncomfortable, but change usually does that.

  19. Um who said i had a right in what any woman decides to wear? I could care less what a woman wears just don’t embarrass the culture. You like to assume you are talking on behalf of all the women and share the same sentiments but you could not be more wrong. Other girls do agree with my sentiments so what you say maybe right for you and the few others that decide to follow your opinion on the matter Vipoositha Gnanenthra

  20. ummm 1. You just said that by stating a women shouldn’t be dressed this way. Don’t disguise your opinion for what you think women should or shouldn’t wear under the guise of “shaming the culture” 2. What is bothering you so much about her legs? you’ve yet to still answer…..even if you don’t answer me, you should ask yourself that question. 4. I am speaking on behalf of my self and the thousands of women who support this stance.Also, you might want to read the other comments on this thread 5. You know what’s more embarrassing then you assuming this is embarrassing our culture? men like you assuming that you have a say in this matter. I do no tell you how a dhoti should be draped, I do not feel any emotion when men wear a dhoti in any way. That is their choice. So sir, if you yourself have worn a sari before, then you have every right to speak up and state your opinion. and I will respect what you have to say.

  21. What part of what i said do you not understand? What’s left is to actually tell you in person. We are in Canada, i am entitled to my opinion as are you. I do not condemn this but am i asking or even remotely giving out the impression all girls must listen to me? Not once did i say that. This is my opinion, and please i’d like someone like you to sit down with Tamil parents and see what the majority of them think about this. I am sure they would be delighted. Why legs are bothering me so much? I could care less about a woman’s attire but for a traditional Tamil wedding exposing your legs like that? Please enlighten me with a picture of some sort that is similar to the one on the Jodi magazine. You being a saree designer and all should have no problem finding one right?

  22. Superb magazine cover. It’ s just that magazine cover ( purpose to get people to look at it ). Well it exceeded in that, coz now it’s got more publicity than it probably intended. Well done to the publishers. Hope you go on to interest us more in the future to come. Now let me go and see this magazine for myself 😉

  23. I absolutely agree!! I don’t see this as an insult I see it as a wow our culture and community are progressive and moving forward. I love our traditions but anything where a woman is forbidden or stopped from expressing herself is where I draw the line.

  24. Apparently not a Tamil bride despite being Tamil AND a bride 🤦🏾‍♀️

  25. All this said an Indian bride never xposes her legs is this fashion,this creative photography.Its art.Not reality.


  27. Oh people… calm down. Nothing says oppression against women than policing their attire on the name of culture.
    We men wear Veshdi and lungi/kaili with them folded in half showing so much leg, and no one says a word.
    The moment, there is a photo of a Tamil woman showing a bit of leg in a saree, and *bham*! The entire Tamil culture is deemed to be down the drain.
    If we don’t respect and empower our women, who will?
    Stop hiding behind the name of culture and tradition and start respecting our Tamizhachees.
    Because, the more we complain, the more apparent it is that how shallow and insecure we are.
    Love this picture and kudos to Jodi.

  28. show leg or whatever !! but there are appropriate dresses for that….you cant wear a traditional bridal saree and pop a leg out of the gap …

  29. As I mentioned previously this is a FASHION MAGAZINE. It’s meant as a form of art which means it’s highly doubtful that hindu weddings will include brides wearing the saree with a slit going forward after seeing this photo. Even if so who are you to regulate what a woman chooses to wear on her wedding day.

  30. Please show me a similar picture with all the history research that you do. Enlighten me.

  31. Hope you are capable of reading books and articles on your own, it is not my duty to enlighten the closed minds. My comment was to state my support to the magazine and women, who has the god given right to dreas as they wish. But since you seem to need personal clarification you can start by reading the India Era of change. Or look at Hindu sculptures, there is a book on that too. So do you wear saree often?

  32. I love how a lot of men have an opinion on how a bride should look. Let’s cover her up, make her look downward and timid. Maybe she would be more agreeable to these men who are apparently stuck in a capsule from a few decades ago.

  33. This is a beautiful picture! It is meant to be art, not reality! It is meant to be eye catching and provocative – otherwise, we would not be discussing it, and the show and magazine would both be forgotten quickly. TamilCulture posts many controversial articles and stories, but it’s ‘revealing’ that a slip of leg between a sari garners so much interest. Guess it shows that these conversations are still worth having.

  34. Maybe I am missing something I never seen something like this in my life even in a fashion magazine. You seem to be a historian please tell me more.

  35. Stupid posts and stupid page… When there are so many important things to share thoughts , this page came up with this useless article and created a gender war between members… I think this is the right time to say goodbye to this page

  36. More like there is no response to it. You on the other hand is a total idiot and argue for the sake of argument.

  37. In my opinion, tamil brides have always maintained class and distinction. This is downright insulting to the tamil culture.

  38. Thusy u keep bring up these scenarios like could they tell their parents this and that…u do a lot of stuff that u can’t tell ur parents even in ur dreams..does that mean ur not cultural?

  39. It’s not about that. It’s about culture the culture i follow is not what is depicted in that magazine cover. I grew up differently, maybe alot of girls commenting on the article grew up differently.

  40. But u don’t define what our culture is. Especially when u find it ok to wear clothes exposing cleavage and legs but just not ok with a girl wearing a saree showing HER LEGS.

  41. Yeah let me give you a good tutorial google traditional Saree and the way it’s known to be worn without showing skin which is the legs. Get a f’n clue

  42. We clearly cannot wear what we want on our day.. the tamil fashion culture police would be out to get us.. lol..

  43. Oh your a teacher now is it? Funny thing is I probably have read more books than you can ever imagine. You sound like an ignorant idiot; no point conversing with an idiot is there?

  44. Its 2017 they say! Thanks captain obvious. Butt hurt? Clearly tamil culture out the window. Fashion bride fine. This in no way depicts tamil culture. Read books, never knew that books had detail in it. Sarcasm is easy, it can be done by donald trump for goodness sake.
    #AlternateFacts #StayTamilFolks

  45. Tamil culture can’t be reduced to bridal couture. And the worth of a woman is not gauged by how much skin she is or isn’t showing on her wedding day.

  46. Guess if you are not capable of accepting the truth go the Trump way ..you sound super Intelligent, you sure to keep our culture going…but you could probably learn one or two things about spelling and grammar from re-reading those books. And you know, calling yourself an idiot that no-one wants to converse with sort of points to deep self worth issue, should speak to a doctor. Good luck on that eh..hope you find your true worth that will allow you to not doubt if you are really are an idiot..

  47. No you kept telling me about education and books repeatedly so wanted to clarify thought you were a teacher of sort. Sadly i was mistaken.

  48. I think it’s a beautiful picture and well captured! It really is not a big deal at all! I think people are really over reacting which is so shocking because I thought we were living in a society that is open minded! Feels like we moved a 100 years back with some of these comments!! I love this photographers work because she always has a great eye for fashion and is passionate about woman and success. She would never depict women or our Tamil culture in a negative way!!! If anything it’s an empowering picture!

  49. You can’t discuss things with people who aren’t open to listening to facts. Opinions are opinions. Thank you for the support. We gotta have each other’s back. You do you boo.

  50. You can’t discuss things with people who aren’t open to listening to facts. Opinions are opinions. Thank you for the support. We gotta have each other’s back. You do you boo.

  51. But your a fashion designer that knows so much about our history so I was hoping I could learn a few things from you. You went missing for the longest time. Are you back with a picture that I’ve been waiting for; hold on I know what that pose in a Saree was mistaken for possibly a honeymoon scenario??? Just my guess… Vipoositha Gnanenthra I’m glad we can went back and forth civilly to a point. Good to exercise the mind and see where people stand on certain issues in society.

  52. I’m with the traditionalists on this one. Doesn’t seem appropriate for a wedding. Maybe ok for the after party, but not the wedding.

  53. Thusy Vijay I am curious. Are you aware of all the many ways of how women drape their saree? How it was draped throughout history? Okay, let it be. Let’s focus on the cover page art – bearing in mind that it’s art – freedom of expression leaving room for interpretation. I get you have your opinion – that you do not like it – not everyone has to – I understand that you can’t see past the ‘traditional’ way of wearing a saree – that you can’t see the beautiful meaning /symbolism this picture is depicting. It’s unfortunate that you can’t see the beautiful art that was created using the traditional saree. It’s unfortunate that you can’t see the powerful message it’s emanating especially for our Thamil women letting them know that we do not need to be inferior to said standards, we too can break barriers and push boundaries with confidence while still being Queens. It’s unfortunate that instead you let a little skin exposure taint a beautiful, powerful picture message. It’s unfortunate that you can’t fathom the idea that it is possible to keep, to nourish to cultivate our culture and to also ‘create art’ with it too.

  54. Omg I’m so tired ladies listen Suvetha Senthuran I’m not bashing a Tamil for empowering themselves just don’t use culture as a means to do so. Just out of curiosity I’ve gone through my share of fashion magazines and all and why is that i never seen a picture like this ever before? Again i am not against empowerment but a woman being able to lift her leg up in a traditional wedding Saree is known as empowerment now a days? I never would have known. She is no doubt beautiful and the actual concept is beautiful, had to ruin it with that small slip up though. Alot of people have been in boxing me acknowledging my opinion. So i guess no one is really right then?

  55. Feel that a manavarai or koorai saree needs to be respected when it’s worn, if not then it’s just making a fool out of the culture. Get that this is a fashion magazine, but I think people are angered that there isn’t a level of respect being shown to historic tamil culture.

  56. Abina Vasanthakumar good job. The only thing is we are talking about a wedding magazine and it’s painfully obvious it isn’t in the same context as the link you just posted. The magazine is portraying a woman through art and empowerment by her lifting her leg and exposing it wearing a wedding Saree on a cover of a wedding magazine? Get my drift now?

  57. showing full back and all around midsection is ok but legs is not.. If it wasn’t for the English we would roam around with no blouse still – which is far more revealing than this pic. lol
    this is a piece of ART to inspire brides to show their individuality in choosing what they want for their big day – from make up artist in the morning to that last number on the dance floor!!

  58. “Yeah let me give you a good tutorial google traditional Saree and the way it’s known to be worn without showing skin which is the legs. Get a f’n clue”
    Clearly the wedding magazine is not the only thing you were talking about. What is traditional to you, does not need to be traditional to everyone else. Regardless, as everyone else has stated this is a fashion wedding magazine. No one is forcing your bride, or anyone else’s bride to show their leg or not show their leg on their wedding. This is a creative cover, and that’s all it is. A creation. Not a rule or a policy that is being shoved down anyone’s threat.

  59. Um again the original point and the purpose of all this was the magazine cover. Seems like you like to argue for the sake of arguing. This is not about my bride or anyone else’s you are clearly missing the boat here cause trust me my bride ain’t doing nothing close to what is on the cover. i don’t need you or anyone else telling me that. I’m talking about the aspect of culture I’m not talking about “creation” or even “art”, you are confused on the point I’m trying to make but yeah keep at it.

  60. If ye jelly of them Goddess legs, just close ur eyes. #veeratamazhachi

  61. “Get over it” U0001f60fU0001f60f It’s not because I’m old fashioned, but I imagined someone dressing like this for her temple wedding – is that okay then? Of course it’s about fashion, but is fashion really to show your leg? That’s pity! U0001f923 But you never know Tasha. If it’s okay to wear sleeveless tops nowadays, we are not far away from brides wearing their wedding sarees in this way. I was only telling my opinion, not pointing fingers at anyone. To discuss this is somehow healthy, so let’s see U0001f609

  62. Being a girl who loves fashion and the “moving-forward-with-freedom”-type, I still agree with you, Thusy Vijay.

  63. Relax there is no gender war here. I love my Tamil women and always will. Its actually refreshing to have these conversations and going through the different opinions of different people.

  64. “I am all for modern modifications to dressing” Gee thanks for your approval – and permission

  65. Ahly RM Now if you paid little attention to the thread i have stated at least a couple times no where in my opinions have been meant in a way for any girl to listen to me on how they choose to live they’re life. Like i said it is MY opinion. Get it?

  66. LOL we are talking about preserving culture what on earth are you rambling on about? I have been here for a very long time don’t be generalizing about people being stuck in capsules.

  67. It’s not your job to “preserve the culture” by dictating how a woman should dress. You may choose to preserve the culture by choosing any other venue/ medium that does not infringe upon a woman’s right to dress, speak or conduct herself as she wishes. She is responsible for 50% of the evolution of said culture.

  68. Do you have trouble in comprehending certain things? Did i say it was my job? It is a collective effort to preserve culture not one particular person’s job. A woman is free to do what she needs to do, like i have asked many others on this thread, show me a Tamil bride anywhere in the world that would look like what she does on the JODI magazine. Then we can talk with some sensibility. You clearly have trouble absorbing information in its entirety.

  69. Lets start the preservation of culture by Learning to speak to a woman with respect Thusy Vijay. That is Tamil culture 101. As I have said let women be in charge of how the bridal dress code should evolve. A fashion magazine should always be ahead of fashion… not behind. There is no point in a fashion magazine depicting how ordinary brides dress today… it’s meant to be cutting edge… something to be inspired by for future brides to come. – key word here is inspiration… it’s not to say women tomorrow will choose to drape the saree this way simply because of the magazine… but they may choose draping methods that are similar. (Either way, it’s THIER choice)
    And lastly do not speak to me this way. You do not know me, and never will. Learn to speak to others with respect and dignity. Clearly your perception of culture is restricted to individuals’ choice of attire. Culture is much less about attire and much more about how a community treats others and each other. Perhaps you should learn to preserve the culture starting with yourself, first.
    I am out.

  70. With respect? i know how to respect women, thanks for your input though. I think i may have to get a tutorial on how to respect women from you. What is a fashion magazine doing representing bride in that form though? You say it’s fashion but the magazine is portraying a Tamil bride in that way where it sends out the message that this is OK and its apparently empowerment of women. Really kind of defeats the purpose if its not how it’s is actually portrayed in reality is it not; or am i missing something here? I am not about bashing women nor is this my intent same goes for us guys it is our job to hold the fort and preserve culture in aspects that concern us as well. So quit drinking that kool-aid and talking about dignity when you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  71. I can state my opinion whenever i want and wherever i want. Who exactly are you to tell me otherwise? Exactly no one, take a seat.

  72. Lol nono they right. We r gonna offend ppl and the laws will change. Shhhhh Thusy Vijay!

  73. Tasha Nathan It’s actually a bridal magazine. The word in the name itself has bridal show. If what your portraying is to be a fashion magazine would it not be called Fashion magazine or show?

  74. Tasha Nathan lol actually no its not the same thing. Fashion magazine would have merit in pushing the agenda of fashion. If it is a Tamil bridal show should it not have some kind of culture around it? Just my take, no one is wrong here. I am honestly very surprised on how women are perceiving this to be OK when it’s at a Tamil bridal show as opposed to a fashion show.

  75. so what you’re saying is regulating how a bride should look on her wedding day is culturally accepted? like i said before…please let me know when the next time you go to a Hindu wedding, whether you see a Tamil bride rocking a slit with her saree. I’d like to shake her hand and give her a high five. also bridal fashion is a thing just fyi. if it wasn’t then jodi and ohm wouldn’t be hosting fashion shows so showcase the latest bridal sarees.

  76. If we all concentrated on the “MARRIAGE” we would think differently. Weddings last for a few hours but marriage a life time. Even in weddings God should be Honoured.

  77. Tamil bride should not look like that, and which female is condoning garbage like this; what’s next? Why don’t we all go without a blouse on our wedding day. Don’t embarrass the culture. This is not what you call empowerment. The woman is lifting her leg showing it off and that is empowerment? LOL i am a woman with modern views and i dress sexy for the occasion. I keep it cultural when i need to.

  78. Dear readers,
    Language is the first most and foremost vehicle for the preservation of culture, not clothing.
    Just because one is covered up in the traditional form does not mean one is ‘cultured’ just as one who is not covered up the normal way does not mean one is not.
    Instead of preaching culture through clothing – go and look at ways you can actually preserve the Tamil culture and look at ways to build our community up here and back home.
    Give your time and energy to actual causes that makes a positive impact for the people of the culture.
    On a side note –
    I’m sure it’s the same people who preach these standards for dress codes in the name of culture are the same ones in the future who will suddenly have amnesia when they themselves or their own kin go on to do/dress the same way to which they were against.
    Food for thought.

  79. It’s not called regulation by any means nor is that what i meant. Are you for real missing the point here?

  80. People are so confused over what is Tamil and what is not. What Tamil is can be broken down into classical Tamil and modern Tamil. Yes, the bride doesn’t completely look like a classical Tamil bride, yes. But why is that bad? Tamil is also modern, evolving and dynamic. We as Tamils are here in the world today trailblazing a modern Tamil culture. That doesn’t mean that I renounce my classical heritage. In fact, I love ancient Tamil culture, history, spirituality​, etc. But that doesn’t mean we have to remain in some perceived notion of what it is to be Tamil, no! So she is a modern bride, that still wears much of the classical Tamil wedding outfit in a slightly different way….It’s no big deal! Show the world our culture guys, it’s a beautiful thing!

  81. Thusy Vijay I get your point but you seem to be missing mine. This is a magazine cover and people’s outcry over this is ridiculous. There is so much self-righteousness coming out of people’s mouth over something so small which doesn’t impact our community or culture in a large scale. However when it with the issues that actually matter, you hardly find people making this much of a fuss. There are more pressing issues within our community and cultures that needs to be addressed but no we are worried about a girl showing a little leg. That’s what I find pathetic. Difference of opinion is fine but making a big deal out something insignificant is stupidity.

  82. Tasha Nathan gee thanks I really didn’t know what issue lie in society. So when you do not agree with certain things within our community; one must stay silent and not voice an opinion? If your going to think on that scale are you in line with world events that impact us directly in ways we never imagined and most have no clue about? This involves my people and my community and i choose to voice an opinion i don’t see anything wrong in that. This is not a small issue actually it’s the survival of culture or of whatever is left of it. That’s the real issue here.

  83. Spot on. I know many relatives and family friends who have daughters who wear revealing clothes, lots of make-up, and drink alcohol like water, but makes all kinds of excuses for them when confronted about it. They tend to be in complete denial over it. Yet when someone else’s daughter does the same, they jump up and down screaming ‘Tamil culture is diluting!’

  84. I guess Tamils will nvr stop regulating dress codes on their woman, no matter which part of the world they are living in. The same thing happens in Malaysia.

  85. You dont know? These fools have got official letter from god, to be moral and “cultural” guardians for the rest of us

  86. Mixed feelings!
    As a fashionista I totally love the picture and the model.
    Looking from a cultural point of view…a typical Tamil bride in a Tamil wedding does not dress up like that. It all depends what the intended message was!!!

  87. Going without a blouse on your wedding day is completely your choice. It has nothing to do with culture. Its a personal preference at that point. What you say is “culture” has been evolving. Just because you’re used to a bride looking a certain way because of the norm does not mean that thats how a bride should exactly look. Also, this is a fashion magazine. People are taking it way more seriously than it should be. This isn’t embarrassing to the culture, there is no clear cut definition of what tamil culture is. As i mentioned earlier, the “culture” that we speak of has been evolving. How is this any different than brides choosing to not wear the net on their wedding day, or the koorai being a different color than the auspicious red that many are so used to. You should stop confusing the word culture with personal choice.

  88. An expected ploy by the Jodi team to get the attention of Tamils in a Kanchipuram saree saturated wedding world. Because how else are they going to stand out and have people talking about their magazine?! Sadly though, one comment on IG questioning the cover doesn’t really make their cover choice a controversy.
    Personally I’d applaud Jodi if they truly pushed the envelope by displaying a cover of two women getting married to each other (isn’t it 2017 after all?) or even suggesting the following as a bridal outfit.
    ’tis a white dress!! A woman should be able to wear what she wants at her wedding and marry whoever she wants.

  89. Assuming you’re divorced now according to most of the comments.
    Lol – fight the power 👊🏿👳🏿‍♀️👍🏿

  90. Some Western Tamil girls think and act like White girls, so when they pervert our culture like this it should be seen as cultural appropriation. Dress like a Westerner all you want, that’s your freedom, but don’t try to twist Tamil tradition to suit another culture.

  91. Nothing’s wrong with wearing western clothes but when you want to wear traditional dress you respect the custom and not pervert it to suit western fashion style. If white girls did that, progressive minded ‘Desi’ girls would be crying ‘cultural appropriation’. Why shouldn’t we accuse you of the same, after all when your mentality is more like a white girl than a traditional Tamil girl in matters of morals and values?

  92. The argument is not against showing ‘a little leg’. Westernised Tamil girls these days show more than that so the people aren’t shocked by the leg but the context in which she shows it which is seen as a perversion of Tamil custom to suit modern fashion style. If you like Western fashion style and culture so much stick to them but don’t try to reshape Tamil culture in the name of modernity and progress and destroy the tradition in the process. Yes some reforms are needed but some are going overboard decrying everything to suit modernity and little by little transform Tamil culture into something else indistinguishable from modern Western liberal culture.

  93. and it’s not just about women. Imagine if a Tamil bridegroom posed with a bra alongside a veshti in the name of progress, do you think there wouldn’t be any backlash?

  94. Let us not change our traditions and culture. Fashion is Fashion but a culture is culture period! Just because time changes does not mean we change our identity. Showing leg in a traditional Tamil saree and at that a wedding wear is just simply wrong. Anytime we as a group, organization or association make something public we represent the entire Tamil community! I embrace fashion and progress but oru kalaachaaram oru kalaachaaram – that is what makes us US! As a mother of a young daughter it is very important to have and my child learn what her culture is, who are we and what makes our culture different from others. Every culture is full of richness and we are Tamils and we should upkeep our roots. Keeping our identity does not make us appear backward and unfashionable – it is that what makes us fashionable!

  95. Strong assumption, calling people out for desecrating a dying culture is not oppression. This is cultural appropriation by white washed tamil liberal cucks.

  96. Tasha Nathan , there is no issue for showing the little leg . The people are upset when it comes to saree and it’s traditional values . In our community , girls are respected like gods . Sarawati, Luxmi and Thurga. Even our Amma. All are woman and they have a great place in our culture as well as the Saree is tied up with all these respected characters of our life . When we see this saree photo with legs showing off is upsetting everyone and it’s like looking at our Amma’s photo with three piece bikuni dress . Or taking a Canadian flag and putting over a ISIS terrorist dead body’s copse . Hope you understand now why people are upset about this photo . It’s not about the leg , it’s about the value and sentiment , we all have towards the saree and our culture and tradition and the women we respect in our life .

  97. How can Ruban Colt pull the traditionalist while posing with Jagerbombs in his facebook pic?

  98. Ohmygod how dare this beautiful indian bride show off that she has *gasp* LEGS? ABISHTU.

  99. On a more serious note, i agree with Naren. She looks absolutely gorgeous and there’s nothing wrong with the picture. People need to renovate and expand their tiny mind.

  100. Tamils Who cannot even ask for INDEPENDENT STATE but Ranaway to FORIEGN COUNTRIES shouldnt OPEN Their MOUTH on This Because You have Given up You Country Now EMBRACE Foreign Country you have adopted STOP Following You CULTURE in FOREIGN COUNTRIES or Go Back to TAMIL NADU and CLEAN its POLITICS

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