Tamil Short Film – ‘Avalum Naanum’

After their debut with the romantic thriller “The Blind Date”, T-Factory Entertainment is at it again with “Avalum Naanum” (Her & I), a short film that talks about the stigma of depression in the South Asian community. This film is based on a married couple who struggles to find harmony in their marital life when the husband starts to feel that his wife is drifting away. The short film throws light on the ignorance surrounding depression.

Mental illness is no stranger for the budding filmmaker Thusy Suntharam as he was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder at the age of 18. He struggled to seek help or even talk to his parents due to the fact that no one used to not take mental illness seriously in the South Asian community.

Although this short film is a fictional work, he thought the emotions of the victim should reflect what he felt during those dark times. He also wanted to showcase what the loved ones of those suffering from mental illness go through. With this short film, Thusy hopes to create more discussion about the topic of mental health in the South Asian community (especially in the Tamil community).


Written & Directed by: Thusy Suntharam
Cinematography: Kishok S.
Editing: Thibz Se.
Music: Rubato
Produced: T-Factory
Cast: Thusy S. & Waishnavi T.

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