Tamil Couple Does Epic One Take Music Video at Wedding

Nishanthan and Mathangi met through a mutual friend when Mathangi was doing her undergrad at the University of Waterloo and Nishanthan was doing his Masters at York. They were together for 5 years before they got married.

The couple wanted to share their video with others who may be interested in unique ways to get the dance floor going at their parties. While it includes a little bit of planning beforehand, your guests will have a blast!

They worked with their videographer, Blink Media, to execute this task. They emailed their guests a few weeks before the reception with the concept, assigned them a song and told them to have fun with it. Their guests took the idea to a whole new level by bringing props, coordinating dance moves and bringing their best to the video! The couple didn’t tell them what the other tables’ songs were to keep an element of surprise. They had a fantastic time and were pumped up for the party!

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  1. Literally wedding goals!! The fact that it went from Dandanaka to shake it off U0001f602U0001f60e absolute bosses. English to tamil kootham in a few seconds U0001f602

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