Shiv Nadar: The Richest Tamil in the World


According to Forbes’ 2017 Billionaires List, Tamil Nadu’s Shiv Nadar is the richest Tamil in the world.

Ranking at #102 out of 2,043 billionaires, the 71-year-old’s net worth is estimated at $12.8B. How did he get so wealthy?

Born in 1945, in Moolaipozhi Village (Tamil Nadu), he went on to receive a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. After a short time at an engineering firm, he started his own tech venture, HCL, as a startup with his partners.

From Forbes:

“Indian IT pioneer Shiv Nadar cofounded HCL as a garage startup in 1976 to make microprocessors. Today, he chairs HCL Technologies, a $6.6 billion (revenues) company that is among the country’s top software services providers. Like its rivals, HCL has been on acquisition streak. Last year, HCL agreed to acquire Mumbai software firm Geometric, controlled by the billionaire Godrej family, in a share swap valued at $190 million. More recently, it bought Butler America Aerospace, a defence and aerospace services firm, for $85 million. His eponymous Nadar University is partnering with Dell for technology projects in areas such as cloud computing and big data.”

Shiv Nadar is married with a daughter, the current CEO of HCL (Roshni Nadar, pictured below), and lives in Delhi, India.


Shiv wasn’t the only Tamil to be featured in Forbes’ list this year. Malaysian Tamil entrepreneur, Ananda Krishnan, whom we previously featured as the richest Tamil in the world in 2014, also makes the list at #219. Read his story below.

Malaysian Tamil Billionaire Ananda Krishnan Makes Forbes’ Richest List Again

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20 thoughts on “Shiv Nadar: The Richest Tamil in the World

  1. Nadar.. Thanks for rubbing caste on our faces. Love how people from Tamilnadu will put their caste name once they become successful. Basically there’s something universal about capitalism. If your grandfather had wealth, was privileged and milked the poor and downtrodden, you’d become successful.

  2. So you have to lose your hair, lose your real friends and get that old to be a billionaire? No thanks.

  3. South Indian Tamils generally have avoided using caste as their last names unlike North Indians. You’ll come across many sanjay patels and Dutts but not many tamils with last name as gounder or padyatchi (unless its South African Tamils of Indian descent). Basically the tradition died out with advent of dravidian movements in 1950s. People just used their dad’s name as last name instead of using caste names. However rich or celebrity individuals often retort back to caste names to prove their worth. For eg, AVM Meyyapa Chettiar etc.

  4. if wealth could be measured by character and not the number of 0’s of your paycheque.. not to take away from this man’s success but how much can his net worth really tell us about who he is?

  5. Alot of salty comments over here. Hand me down money, or lost all his friends or his hair, hes in a position thats gained him hos wealth. Clap your hands or throw your stones and move on, we all still have work tomorrow lol

  6. I consider him to be a pretty good man, running art museums, providing high quality education to poor UP kids, building a world class university(of which I am a student) among other philanthropic activities.

  7. caste name ensure he is a tamil man. there are many vadukans, kannadigas, malayalees and marwaris pretend to be tamils.
    caste invented by British.
    we Tamils called it kulam which related to our job nature.

  8. About now, Shiv Nadar & Anandakrishnan should do the dharma thing and firestart making Tamildom the #kallanai_tamils developed society it once was, again.

    TYhereby, a) fuel a disruptive invention b) make the Tamil identity a happening identity and c) corral pir wisdom and , epistemology and technology savvy together. Possibly with Google CEO Sunder Pitchai as advisor too.

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