Ram Agarathi’s Kaithi: Are You Ready to Be Set Free?

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Just a few months ago, Anirudh Live In Toronto brought the rock star music composer to Canada for his first North American concert.

In the midst of the extraordinary talent that graced the stage that night was Ram Agarathi, a rapper, choreographer and actor who coordinated the preshow. As he worked closely with many of the artists, including Dayan Shan and Inno Genga, the amazing opportunity to share the stage with Anirudh became the launch pad for a new hit single—Kaithi.

Ram decided that rather than release a fourth album in 2016, he would collaborate with a group of international artists to create a unique project that would also allow them to contribute to the development of independent Tamil music around the world.

The incredibly talented team behind Kaithi hardly needs an introduction—chances are you’ve seen at least one of the viral videos they’ve been a part of. The song features the talents of Ram Agarathi from Canada; Dayan Shan, Kaithi’s lyricist and director, from France; Kausikan Sivalingam, a sound engineer who works with Yuvan Shankar Raja, from Germany; Inno Genga, a singer from England; and Desuban, a cinematographer and editor, from France.


When studios back collaborations on this scale, the distances and time zones being spanned seem to become irrelevant because of the resources that are readily available. For independent artists like Ram and the Kaithi team these feats become that much more impressive, since they’re reliant on the support of organizations and individuals who have to be convinced of the importance of supporting independent music.

Thanks to Skype and a team that was committed to carrying out their vision regardless of their hectic schedules, and the occasional long-distance dispute about the best way forward—let’s be honest, long distance relationships are never easy—the production is complete and we’re excited to see the full video in the next few weeks!

Kaithi will be an unprecedented venture by independent Tamil artists and if the teaser itself is any indication of what we can expect, we can’t wait to see what the entire concept video will be like.

Crossing genres and different mediums of entertainment, Kaithi is guaranteed to be worth the wait. And the team behind it all? They’re just getting started and excited to continue working with artists around the world to create even more.



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