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Can you imagine being able to travel to America, Mexico, the Bahamas, Iceland, Sri Lanka and all over Canada as your job? P-Your Vision is that dream job. I came across them when I saw a wedding video that made me smile from beginning to end. Here is their story.

Launched in 2008, P-Your Vision consists of Prashanna “Sean” Jeyaseelan, Claude Quammie and Rob Cole alongside a few editors. Sean’s wife, Rathika, helps with the administrative work.


The videos they produce are a story tailored to each couple they meet. It is a glimpse of their love story. And by adding a touch of P Your Vision’s passion for storytelling and creativity, they are able to produce a piece of art that is unique to that couple.

Sean’s first memory with his company is when his good friend, Suresh Kanegalingam, gave him his first Canon XL2 camera. His now-brother in law, Wijendra Ganesharatnam, gave him his first Apple laptop. The big break was when Professor Joseph Stephen took Sean on as his apprentice. This was Seans’ first hands-on opportunity to film. A special mention also goes to Prashanna’s wife, Rathika, who has always believed in him and pushed him to achieve his goals and has his utmost gratitude. They are crucial aspects to the foundation that started this company.

Videography may seem fun with all the travelling and meeting new people, but the challenging part is being your own biggest critique. Every time Sean and his team share a video, he tries to be better than his last piece of art. At times, this can be mentally exhausting. Being hard on oneself is a habit many endure to help grow and succeed.

“Each fall was a lesson learned.”

There’s something you need to know about this industry – the intense time and effort that is put into each video. Sean always wanted to be different and to not follow the norm, but wanted to stay relevant. That is what he wishes others understood about his line of work.

Of the numerous people he has met, he shares that the best part is to be able to cross paths with all kinds of different people and develop great friendships. His family and friends are extremely supportive when it comes to his line of work. They often mention he is fortunate enough to have his own business and travel the world filming.

For up and coming videographers, Sean’s personal advice is:

“Dedication and finding your individual style are key. Love for the art will take you a long way. It also takes a bit more to withstand the hurdles you will face in the industry. Just be strong.”

If it weren’t for this business, Sean would be travelling the world filming nature and wildlife with National Geographic. At the moment, he is pursuing his passion in creating documentaries that tell a story about the world. Ideally he would like to give back and make a difference.

Sean’s off-hours consist of hiking, portaging and camping. The best part of his life is that he can stop working and simply spend the day with his three fur kids (aka four-legged children). The dogs are wonderful ways of helping Sean relax from hectic days. As a fellow dog mother myself, a fur child is a blessing for sure!

The company’s future consists of branching off into commercial, corporate work and to film documentaries.









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