Ontario Liberals nominate Piragal Thiru as Scarborough-Rouge River candidate

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Ontario’s Liberals have nominated a candidate for a provincial byelection in Toronto.

Piragal Thiru will run under the Liberal banner in the riding of Scarborough-Rouge River.

The Liberals describe Thiru as “a long time regional volunteer and policy professional.”

On Saturday, the Progressive Conservatives nominated city councillor Raymond Cho to run in the east Toronto riding.

The Scarborough-Rouge River seat has been vacant since Liberal backbencher Bas Balkissoon abruptly resigned in March.

Premier Kathleen Wynne has six months to call a byelection to replace Balkissoon, but no date has yet been set for the vote.


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4 thoughts on “Ontario Liberals nominate Piragal Thiru as Scarborough-Rouge River candidate

  1. Guys! Guys! The Tamil community candidates should stop representing every political party. Looks clownish. Neethan for NDP, Piragal for Liberal (Thankfully our once orange “chitti” didn’t win). There was a Tamil conservative who pulled in a nomination but Raymond Cho won. Think about it. Raymond Cho is Korean. Not Chinese. Korean votes are not much here but he has a name in scarborough. If Tamil votes get divided amongst Neethan and Piragal, some Korean guy will be taking over scarborough rouge river as MP. If you want a community to be more respected, you need more voices in the parliament.Please stop splitting votes. Scarborough should be Tamil area.

  2. what about Tamils who are conservatives ? should they vote for a party that they disagree with. I hate the fact liberals and NDPs are taking advantage of our votes, fully knowing we vote in a tribal fashion. Tamils are traditionally more conservative in nature than anything….

  3. Culturally yes but doubt its political. Conservatives stand for anti-immigrant policies,lesser social benefits program and are more friendly towards corporations than people. Nothing goes well with tamils. I have no clue why a tamil person would choose conservative party,unless they are extremely rich or want to move up quickly in conservative political arena.

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