Obscene Tamil Journalists Need to be Called Out


A well-known Tamil magazine in India, Kumudam Reporter, recently came out with a cover story featuring an image of unsuspecting women in leggings. Accompanying this image was a Tamil caption in bold red and yellow letters loosely translating to “Obscene Leggings? Youth who are Crossing the Line”. A more appropriate title would be “Obscene Journalists? Writers who are Crossing the Line”.

The Kumudam Reporter caters to a wide audience. To push such misogynistic views onto its readers is truly cringe-worthy. Media is designed to report, educate and entertain, not belittle and teach its readers that bigotry is acceptable. An individual may or may not wear whatever they please and that is the business of said individual. However, Kumudam Reporter is outraged at women wearing leggings – a conversation that inevitably leads to slut-shaming.

“She wore leggings. She was asking for it.” Asking is a verbal act. Unless she “asks” in either of those ways – in which case this would be giving consent – she isn’t asking for it.

“She’s a slut.” As a media outlet, Kumudam Reporter has the ability to influence its readers. To say that wearing leggings is crossing the line puts a target on women who desire to dress as they wish with the freedom that men never had to fight for. Kumudam Reporter has made leggings a negative, sexualized piece of clothing – a taboo, thus alienating and objectifying women in such clothing.

Such views may be leading to the high incidences of rape in India, with some estimates that a woman is raped every twenty minutes. And instead of a magazine cover that highlights the alarming rape culture in India and the disparity in the rights of men and women, Kumudam Reporter chose to tell its readers about their idea of a dress code for women.

If someday a woman wearing leggings is raped, Kumudam Reporter may come out with another cover story, this time with a Tamil caption that translates to “Told You So”. While rape will always be the fault of the aggressor, media such as Kumudam Reporter will have to share the blame for encouraging people to view women a different way.

In all this controversy, it’s appalling to realize that the women featured on the cover may not know Kumudam Reporter has vilified them – and in doing so objectified them. If this is the case, Kumudam Reporter is perpetuating a sexual offence in trying to get its abhorrent views across.

With the world lambasting Kumudam Reporter for its actions, it has yet to issue an apology which is all that’s being asked of them – a light sentence if you ask me.

Fact: Women are not equal to men.

Fact: They should be equal to men but as Kumudam Reporter has demonstrated, we still live in a society where there are people who think they can dictate what a woman should wear.

Fact: Looks like they finally caught “Attack Paandy”. Thanks Kumudam Reporter for reporting on what matters.

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12 thoughts on “Obscene Tamil Journalists Need to be Called Out

  1. And we wonder why Westernized Tamils (especially young women) are embarrassed to speak Tamil?
    One thing I wonder is whether Tamils are capable of building an advanced, progressive country on our own. It seems that Tamils are capable of thriving in developed countries already built by others (the West by Europeans, Singapore/Malaysia by Chinese). Yet can we build an advanced First World society on our own? If not why not?
    The countries diaspora Tamils overwhelmingly flee to – Canada/US/Australia – were built out of nothing from backwater wilderness to First World nations. Ditto Singapore and Malaysia.
    Tamils have many great qualities, but in many ways we are also clannish, dogmatic, superstitious, petty, and lack civic-mindedness (though the younger Westernized generation is much better in this regard). These qualities will never allow for an advanced First World country to develop. Our people need to develop before we can build a society and country that is developed.
    If Tamils have not built an advanced modern progressive society anywhere on our own, then perhaps there is something fundamentally bankrupt with present day Tamil culture and values. Perhaps there is a need for reform?

  2. As a Singaporean Tamil, it’s rather offensive you would discount the Tamil community’s role is shaping modern Singapore. Singapore is still the only country on Earth with Tamil as one of its official languages.

  3. Tamils could not properly progress and advance because we were brutally oppressed and discriminated against for generations. Sri Lanka was not exactly very liberal and progressive in regards to Tamil and other minority rights. How could you expect Tamils to build and develop their own country, when the basic building blocks to this were taken away. Human rights, dignity, education, and even our right to live were non-existent. That is like asking a bird whose wings were broken why it couldn’t fly.

  4. I wonder if the writer is a man. . . If kumudam magazine is run by males only. Maybe the writer is a rapist himself? ? ? Questions we should think about when u read such rubbish reports.

  5. When it comes to HDI figures and economic output, I believe Tamil Nadu is doing better than most other states in India. Things like misogyny, superstition, illiteracy, and nepotism are problems that affect much of India. As for the pitiful state of Tamil media, I think it has more to do with Tamils having a much lower standard for Tamil media, such as Kollywood. If Hollywood produced the same type of movies as Kollywood in terms of plotlines, presentation, and casting, I doubt Tamil people would spend their hard earned money watching it. Media censorship combined with general closed-mindedness is also a problem; Artists like MIA or Candice Pillay would not have been well received in Tamil Nadu had they tried starting their careers there.

  6. The content of the Kumudam Reporter is more indicative of problems with the culture there. Had someone wrote something similar for a popular Canadian/US magazine, they’d be fired asap and the magazine would be scrambling to do damage control, since people here would be outraged and boycott it. There, lack of apology by the magazine suggests their customers are currently content with their product.

  7. Well I personally been to Hindu and Times of India offices in Chennai.Even though its in Tamilnadu, most of the female editors and writers are either North Indians or Tamil Brahmin women or malayalees. Hard to see any Tamil woman. The Tamil newspapers and magazines (besides daily thanthi and another newspaper) are filled with low lives who’ll do anything for money. Old school Tamil men who have absolute disrespect for another human beings. Not surprised, this article was publised in a Tamil newspaper.
    Blame it on Indian mentality of creating engineers and doctors. The rest of the industry is filled with people like them.
    Source: I worked in Public Relations in Chennai for a good 6 months. Sucked balls and disliked journalism after that.

  8. I believe the article is unfortunate! The author may wanted to come out and tell ” follow one simple rule for leggings: wear tops that go past the buttocks.”
    Most Tamil women think leggings are pants!! Leggings are NOT pants!!
    The lack of conveying the messages clearly is the missing stone in many article and getting furious over such an author is wasting our precious time.

  9. Shetty Sivaruban I don’t think calling someone pathetic for expressing their views is very nice.

  10. Gokul Thedchana I do have to agree one your point about Tamil Nadu. One of the biggest differences you see in Tamil Nadu and other southern states compared to North India is the amount of women everywhere. Tamil Nadu is far more urbanized, has many more working women and educated women. It’s also a much more diverse society. I hope they are able to resist the dangerous “saffron” tide that is looking to drown India.

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