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I was always a Namitha. I was never a delicate petite Trisha, or a seductive proportionate Nayanthara, but a very full-figured Namitha.

Growing up chubby and Tamil, I’ve encountered many challenges and situations that I am sure are relatable to the other full-figured ladies out there.

STANDARD SIZING: Going into any Tamil clothing store and picking out which churidar you liked was the easy part. The hard part was trying to squeeze into the “standard size” until the Tamil store aunty suggests to cut down the rice or put up with the not as fashionable larger sized churidars. Bottom line – I hate chudis.

SAREE BLOUSES: Basically any design that is a low back or neck is an automatic Namitha status.


LEHENGAS: Only acceptable when draped as a half saree or Namitha status will be obtained .

EATING AT WEDDINGS/TAMIL EVENTS: Trying to escape the judgmental looks from aunties when you “accidentally” take too much mutton curry OR trying to escape the amused looks from Tamil aunties by trying to take the smallest portion of everything. Trust me, I do it every time.

eating for two

EVERY TAMIL AUNTY IS A HOLISTIC NUTRITIONIST: “Drink this plant extract in the morning. Boil this seed in water and drink it. Sell your soul to this swami. Do this, do that.”

WEARING BASKETBALL SHORTS TO THE BEACH: Thinner girls in shorter shorts, psht who cares. But as soon as you slip them on… NAMITHA STATUS.

FINDING A WAIST CHAIN: The Maya Boutique uncle always hooks me up with a little extra chain for this kothu rotti made waist.

DANCING: I’m sorry if my hips don’t lie. Proud to have Namitha status this time.

anushka-shetty-dancing-pic-vedam (1)

“IT WILL BE HARD TO FIND A GROOM”: I was going to import one from Jaffna anyway.

Forever a gundamma and proud!

mindy tc

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