Love is Colourblind… But Not to Some


After my recent advice column spurred a great amount of debate on the subject of interracial dating, I’ve decided to write my thoughts on the subject.

As the only child to educated, open-minded parents, I’ve never faced much objection towards the ethnicity of the men I’ve dated. And as much as my parents would love for me to eventually marry a Tamil man, they are fully aware of my personality and that I am very liberal in my thinking. Although I love my culture, who I am is not defined by it. Moreover, I choose not to limit my experiences and interactions with other ethnicities from a xenophobic notion that my culture will be tainted by involving myself romantically with someone of another race.

I understand the reservations that some hold towards interracial relationships. There is the possibility of cultural conflict, being labelled, dealing with parental objections and stigmatization from mainstream society. And as much as these concerns are valid, we must consider that most of these points arise from one’s individual perception.

One commenter asks “what language will a child born of a Tamil mother and Caucasian father speak” and goes on to say, quite ignorantly, that children born to mixed parents are merely “diploma holders”. Yet not only do I know children from mixed backgrounds who speak their mother tongue fluently, I personally know individuals who are highly educated with their Master’s and Law degrees. As well, I also know plenty of “pure” Tamils who are also diploma-holders and even a few high school dropouts. The point is that one’s race is irrelevant to their education level.

Many conservative-minded Tamils believe that to maintain cultural purity, one must not stray from our own kind. An outsider could never integrate to or even adopt our way of life, beliefs and practices. This is a hypocritical line of thinking. After all, the Tamil diaspora has successfully integrated to the West by adopting certain Western ideologies to make a better life for ourselves. By doing that, are we not partially betraying the sanctity of our own culture?

What many fail to realize is that culture is in a constant state of evolution. If there is such resentment towards a Tamil man or woman being with a non-Tamil partner, are we not being xenophobic? Who are we, then, to speak out against the racism we experience as minorities when we ourselves are guilty of the same bigotry?

Hinduism preaches to love the soul of an individual. Nowhere does it say anything about loving a certain caste, creed or race. Likewise, the Bible commands us to love thy neighbour. Nowhere does it say to only love thy neighbour of the same skin colour as you. If the teachings of the Holy books do not preach only loving someone with a certain skin colour, then why do we sanction the belief that it is wrong to love someone from another race? Holding a preference towards a partner from our own race is our prerogative; that does not give us the right to judge or condemn others who may choose to be with someone who is culturally or ethnically different.

Those who vehemently oppose interracial relationships cite the seeming “corrupt morals” of other groups, and how Tamils should be held to a higher standard of behaviour. Yet we must realize that we are not morally superior to any other ethnic group. We are guilty of just as many transgressions as any other group. Our race does not determine our moral compass; it is our character that does, regardless of where we come from.

The core of human relationships – in its most pure and valued form – seeks to find a deeper connection that surpasses the mere superficiality of an individual’s background and culture. The negative, to me, is solely based on our perception and how we choose to view the situation. If we choose to view it through tunnel vision, then we come up with every single justification to condemn and discredit the value of that relationship.

If the basis of all religious scriptures preach peace, love and unity, what good are we doing to ourselves and those around us by acting in judgment, hatred and encouraging separation? To love someone outside of the very upbringing and society they are brought up in takes courage and strength. It is an action that should be applauded, not shunned and stigmatized as a perceived transgression.

After all, the saying goes “Love is truly blind, sometimes even in colour.” And maybe – just maybe – that’s not such a bad thing.

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For an alternative perspective, check out “Why I Believe Tamils Should Marry Tamils”.

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Tasha Nathan

Tasha Nathan

Tasha is a Toronto based freelance writer and author. After publishing her first children’s book, No Monster in the Closet, she found her interest grow to empower youth and young adults. Her first young adult book, Follow Your Heart, was published last year. Her focus lies more within women's empowerment and gender equity, particularly within the Tamil Community.

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55 thoughts on “Love is Colourblind… But Not to Some

  1. Dear “Siri “I am tamil but can’t speak it” lankans”, if you guys are that open, why can’t you just breed with Sinhalese and be one nation? Fornication under command of king? Heard of it? In an under-developed country, you will be proud Tamils who will want separate island, wont take shit from anyone. However in a rich country,you will marry any race you want.Ethnicity and language doesn’t matter. Seems like Sinhalese were right. Lol and you talk about hypocrisy.

  2. Thank you for this article. I hope ‘lovestruck’ from your previous column gets a chance to read this comment. I met my husband online two and a half years ago. We knew from our first date that one day we would get married. He is a former sergeant in the Canadian Forces and is Irish-Canadian. We got married this summer with both of our extended families present in a small ceremony at city hall. My husband loves cooking Tamil food, watching Tamil movies and wears a saram around the house. Before he met me, he had never been in the company of a Tamil person. My parents are open-minded but in no way are they extremely liberal but they could tell that my husband was the perfect man for me and like all parents they wanted what was best for their child. I am sure that your parents will come around – and if you think that your boyfriend is the one – I wouldn’t give up so easily. The kind of love that lasts a lifetime doesn’t come around very often.

  3. wow fucking race traitors. most that end up marrying white males are the ones with “history” no tamil guy would marry you, so you settle for some hilly billy redneck sergeant from CF. dont even call yourself taMIL. if hes a former sergeant he must be more than 40 LOL

  4. It’s upsetting to see that people can be so narrow minded about issues like this one. If we’re still holding ridiculous beliefs like this in the 21st century, then there is seriously something wrong with the ideologies that our community follows. How can we sit here and say that other ethnic backgrounds can taint our values and beliefs but in fact, we trespass on theirs on a daily basis. This is what you call hypocrisy.

  5. It should be about “one’s” choice & preferences!! it should be about one’s happiness!! it is about understanding there are people who will think out of the box!! not all are born the same! we shall respect that diversity nature has given to us! how many Tamil are out there guys and girls who have got married because none of the above was taken into consideration and a fate was decided for them!! on what cost? they are not happy but they are going through this imprisonment just to satisfy their parents, tamil society…!!?? are you talking about the only way to preserve a tamil culture and society is the tamil girls or boys shall not marry anyone from outside??!! this is ridiculous notion!! there are bigger dangers back home and like a parasite eating up our home/culture/tradition from inside!! I find more Tamils back home trying to be more westernised than us people who are living outside…we are the one who are stuck in time! In fact we are lost…neither we are like the ever evolving Tamils of back home nor we are westerners!! we are struggling but so proud to accept this fact and adapt!!!

  6. We are not talking about a race of people but about person’s personal wishes on who they marry. If you think it is abnormal to marry a person outside of your race, then you are a racist.

    As far as commenting on Sinhalese people and “breeding”with them, if you were so dead set on keeping your race pure, you should have picked up your arms and risked your life for what you believe in, instead of sitting in Canada and passing judgement.

    I have dated a man of Singhalese descent. He was very good to me and we broke up when we moved to separate areas. I have dated Tamil men and have been unsatisfied with the entire experience. I find them to be selfish towards themselves and their families and as a Tamil woman I have always felt like a second class citizen around them.

    I am now married to a Caucasian. He is my age, he is a physician as am I. We are both very well educated, he loves Tamil movies, and Tamil food and calls my mother Amma. While I have studied, he has come home from work and taken care of the cooking, cleaning and laundry so that I could focus. That is the kind of love we share. I am sure there are Tamil men out there who would do the same things for their spouse If I had met someone like him who was Tamil, I would have been very happy. As is the case, I am extremely happy in my marriage and in my life with my husband. It doesn’t matter the race, he just has to treat you well.

    All those who start spewing hate about mixed marriages, why don’t you take a step back and look at how you treat your own wife and her family before you berate those of us who look elsewhere for respect and love (in that order)

  7. Playing Devil’s Advocate here…

    Statistics reveal there are about 3x as many White Male-East Asian Female marriages as there are White Female-East Asian Male. If love is truly colourblind, why is it so skewed in one direction?

    A lot of East Asian guys complain that Western media portrayals of Asian males as nerdy/effeminate make it hard for them to compete in the dating scene. Worse, many Canadian-born Asian girls openly refuse to date their own men in favour of white guys. Why is this?

    Let’s get back to reality. North American society is consumerist, media-driven and shallow. A lot of what constitutes “attraction” is conditioned by superficial factors (how much one conforms to what society defines as “cool”), and not on the things that matter (character, intelligence etc.)

    Girls often dismiss a guy because he’s not “her type”. What is her “type”? A guy who conforms to the media-driven Hollywood aesthetic ideal – tall, muscular and (usually) white. And given that media portrayals of cool/sexy brown guys in Western media are non-existent, Tamil guys have the cards stacked against them in the interracial dating scene from the outset.

    Most guys are happy to settle for a pretty girl who treats him well. Women are much more calculating – and the sad reality is, ethnicity plays a HUGE part in this equation. Even white girls who claim to be “liberal” and “progressive” and “open-minded” can be downright KKK in their choice of partners. They are just as superficial and conformist as anyone else.

    For now, brown girls are not rejecting their men to the extent that Asian girls are – whether due to cultural pressure, stronger ties to ethnic roots, Bollywood/Kollywood as a “cool” alternative to Hollywood etc. But this can change, particularly the more “Westernized” a brown girl gets.

    And this is why many Tamil guys feel threatened by interracial dating. We don’t want to end up like Asian guys.

  8. Hi! I just saw this comment am not supporting paandi here. “have dated Tamil men and have been unsatisfied with the entire
    experience. I find them to be selfish towards themselves and their
    families and as a Tamil woman I have always felt like a second class
    citizen around them”. I think this statement itself is racist and judgmental. The large number of Tamil women began studying after the 80s (at-least in India’s case). Women were always in the kitchen and doing house chores. You can’t expect a huge change among Tamil community just within the last 2 decades. It takes time i guess. I grew up in Singapore but I can relate myself better to Chennai girls than any other group (Though i spent less than 7 months of my entire life there) and I always found Singaporean brown women too domineering and materialistic. I don’t need to talk about Canadian Tamil women here lol. Not all Tamil men can handle with the sudden change of domineering or confident Tamil women. Good luck with your marriage.

  9. I’m just so sure that your a trolling Sinhalese. It’s about interracial relationships, the last time i checked, Sinhalese people are unfortunately brown! I would definitely marry a white person over a Sinhalese! lol anytime of the year!!!!

  10. I do believe “to each his own”, however I have found Tamil people that have married other races to be ” white-washed.” Not well rehearsed in their own language and customs, they also tend to be conformists and self-haters. My brother is dating a “Caucasian” girl and shes a really sweet girl, but I could totally see why he would date her because all his life he really hasn’t cared to know where he comes from, etc. He always has a stereotype of “Tamil people” act like. I understand that you dont fall in love with the colour of ones skin but rather their personality. However, I have dated my fair share of Caucasians and i personally find them to be attractive but find their way of thinking to be the opposite. They often have this sense of entitlement and lack of understanding that not everyone is born into privilege. Not to generalize, its just the ones i dated or have been friends with. I also find Asians (including brown people) to have this complex with skin tones and I find that the many that do date Caucasians find fair-skin or having children with light skin to be truly important. Perhaps, it’s the post-colonial legacy that has been ingrained in the minds of Asians and other groups that their is no better race to date then the “white-man”? I find many of them, If you brought up dating another race like “black people”, especially the disapproval from that of Brown and Asian people is shocking! I even had a brown lady that was married to a Caucasian tell me that marrying a black person is a bad idea. It’s funny how we preach equality and tolerance but yet many feel by marrying a Caucasian it makes you far superior then marrying someone of African descent. I believe that if you dont have a great understanding your own identify it’s so much easier to be sucked into and assimilated into mainstream society.

  11. Welcome to the Melting Pot – The America – where as a minority you can migrate, study, work, buy a nice house and a nice car, assimilate into the dominant culture (of course, you can celebrate your traditions in private space), and be an unquestioning good consumer…oops ‘citizen’…of the land of dreams.

  12. This is “Lovestruck.” I am not a self-hater, actually quite the contrary, I study and write about critical whiteness and intersectionality in regards to immigration policy. I am a student of bell hooks, Angela Davis, Yasmin Abu-Laban, Himani Bannerji. I would not be with my boyfriend if he did not understand white privilege, he has always supported me in my endeavors. Furthermore, my relationship is not a symbolic statement against racism or for post-colonial legacies, my relationship is not political, it is pure love. This is why it hurt me so much to read the comments that I did.

    My boyfriend is NOT a hick, he is NOT stupid, he does NOT have PTSD, he is NOT abusive and how dare you assume all of that simply based on his occupation. It is true that the army is an institution based on racism and misogyny but we can’t talk about those factors without looking at our role in perpetuating these stereotypes. Soldiers are trained to hate and to kill for OUR benefit. They are OUR lost sons. My boyfriend, and others like him are aware of this. He did not join the army because he’s a racist hick who wants to kill Muslims, he joined to test his courage and to me, that is perfectly legitimate.

    In regards to the loss of culture, being in a relationship with my boyfriend has made me want to get more in touch with my roots, not stray from them. I have to work harder for our future kids to know where their mom came from. I have never visited India or Sri Lanka before and now I want to take him and our kids there and I want us to learn Tamil together (I speak Tamil but not fluently and I grew up with two Tamil parents), I also want to take our kids to Ireland and experience their father’s culture. Our children are going to have a rich life. I will teach them to know where they came from, the struggles they will face and to be respectful towards people of other ethnicities, races, gender, sexual orientations.

    I did not write in for anyone to evaluate my love for my boyfriend (although I did appreciate and agree with the advice Tasha gave about waiting longer) or question my children’s futures. I wrote in to ask how to mitigate my relationship with my parent’s cultural views. The hateful comments showed me that this would be a gargantuan task but I am up for it. I will fight for my love.

    Thank you for those who showed support and I hope those who think I am a “race traitor” have learned something from this debate.

  13. ActuallyI am very much a Tamil. I can read and write it with fluency. I don’t see why you think I immediately have to be from another race just because i don’t prescribe to a certain mentality you think is acceptable for a Tamil person.

  14. Hey, I’m not trying to attack your choice in a mate. At the end of the day, whats important is that your happy with that person. It would obviously be much easier to marry someone of the same background, but what would life be like without obstacles? I would like to reiterate that most human beings i would like to believe fall in love with an individuals charisma and not solely on their physical attributes. What I was saying was that not all but many that I have come to experience or heard of have been conforming/self-haters. I myself, have experienced first hand the racist remarks not from their “white partner”, but from people of colour themselves and perhaps due to their own insecurities! I have dated many Caucasian men in my time and often when I really thought we had substance to our relationship, they were often plotting on getting into my pants because i am “exotic”! Not because i am interesting and i have a great personality like i’d like to believe but solely based on the way i physical look. Many “white-men” have assumed that they can rush me into bed like i am some forbidden fruit! Again, I would like to say that I am sure there are “white-men” out there that treat women that their interested in pursuing a relationship with like gold, but i have never come to experience that. So, due to my numerous experiences that I have come too realize that I would personally prefer a man of colour because I believe that we have many things in common that we can share and relate too. And our relationship would not feel like a novelty because I happen to be of a different colour, culture, religion, etc. I have many female and male friends of various backgrounds that have felt the same way. For instance, I have a male friend whose black and often finds “white women” that hit on him at bars because # 1 he’s black and # 2 because hes black he must be hung like a horse! Not say that everyone is like this but i think I speak for everyone, when I say we all just want too be loved!

    In conclusion, my deepest regrets if i have offended you because that was not my intention. I just assumed it would be an interesting place to discuss a topic, I have come to experience in my lifetime in such a multicultural society like Toronto. I would like to say congratulations on not finding a “white-man”, but on finding a man, who truly loves you for you. I hope that you understand that the statements I made are a reflection of my lived experiences and my interpretations of what I and many closed friends have experienced.

  15. I guess the conclusion would be “to each his own.” I know the kind of couples you are talking about but I just want people to know that there are as many healthy relationships as there are unhealthy ones … it all depends on how you look at your relationship and the connection that you have with that person. Thanks for your clarification.

  16. I’m not Tamil, but come from a similar paternalistic culture whereby sons are treated as Kings and Gods. The result of this is that the females have become far more educated than the males. Speaking with many educated women, I have found that they complain about this incredibly, regardless of whether they’re Tamil, Indian, Italian or Greek. Perhaps women are marrying outside your culture because of the difficulty of finding an educated man within their own. Once again, I’m not Tamil, I’m just repeating a conversation I’ve heard from many Tamil, Indian, Pakistani, Greek and Italian women. Furthermore, men from these cultures (and I speak from experience), carry on that paternalistic ideal. An ideal that many women just don’t want to deal with. Women don’t want to end up in a marriage where they work constantly and then have to do everything around the house too, while their man sits and watches the football game. Many women want to get out of that situation and also don’t want to raise their children with that mindset. Maybe that’s the issue, not that society is “consumerist, media-driven and shallow.”

  17. Certain sections of Tamils have a natural inclination towards prostitution. The above article is a sample.

  18. LOL! Military men are dumb animals. If he was so smart, he
    wouldn’t be in the military. You must be so naive and stupid to think American
    soldiers are still fighting to protect their freedom. You are so feeble-minded;
    hence, your choice isn’t entirely rational. You love white men because they are
    white and nothing more. “Pure Love” is just a meaningless wordplay.

  19. ” I understand that you dont fall in love with the colour of ones skin but rather their personality.”
    It’s all bullshit… White is cool, beautiful, mainstreme. Dark is uncool, ugly, bad. That’s the world we live in.
    “Love is colorblind” is just a sentimental lie.

  20. @Lovestruck As someone whose parents haven’t accepted my relationship with a N Indian girl, for the past 4 years (im still in grad school tho so not too bad), I’m just wondering if you think 6 months is worth going up against your parents for. I’m not trying to judge your relationship Lovestruck, just trying to elicit discussion 🙂

  21. @Atman Maya There’s something wrong with your brain sweety. And I mean that in the kindest way possible 🙂

  22. @tamil Why are you so angry? Did you fail your parents’ dreams of becoming an engineer or a doctor?

  23. Prejudice… prejudice… and more prejudices are the key to “protect” an ancestral way of life, regardless of its origin. The principle behind expatriation (or immigration) is in principle, the search for a “better” place. Better morals in time.. better work conditions… better life… something better. The challenge is that many do not leave their “ancestral luggage” and bring with them ways that have no further relevance in the new world. Few expatriate themselves from developing countries to “not so develop countries”. While the concept of “developed” may be challenged, in the end most move from their ancestral ground to a new grounds where the morals, fashion, relationship have evolved in a different way.
    What i have found extremely challenging, is the constant need to find justification to “ancestral” traditions outside these ancestral countries. Western world does not understand child slavery. Having an orphan as a servant, beaten if misbehaving and fed scraps of the tables is not something we comprehend. In fact, this challenge our western history and the stigma slavery still carry. Arranged marriage, is a medieval concept.Abandonment of a widow to certain poverty and isolation is neither understood. Not all think this way, but many below seems to abide to these unspoken principle of “ancestral” heritage.
    A relationship, is between 2 individuals – in a minimum scope. Western ways, consider this… It seems that India, Middle eastern, Asian…. Tamil have a more extended ancestral way to see this. But if you come for instance to Canada, was it not for the “better way” one may find for his family. And these better ways, did they not  include equality of genders, equal opportunities to all, legislated place where punishment are by law and not bribe or persecutions…. Why would the love of 2 be regulated by color, ethnicity or religion, if by principle, the place you are now living in, does not segregate in this matter.
    I have the love of my life being a Tamil. I am not. Will never find their ancestral ways relevant to this place of living, but as well, will never judge them in their original ancestral birth place. Here we do things differently. No one forced any one to come here, but for all the good and hope this place offers, embrace this western world for what it is. Isn’t the biggest blame on western world to have attempted in colonial time to impose a western way abroad. Now that all are free form colonial Empires, why revert to this constant attempt to change what we find.
    Love is not a religious matter. Love should not satisfy status or perception. Love is not a power thing. Love is love…. has not religion nor boundaries… works sometime and does not work other times. Making it work is the goal… he challenge. You cannot per-arrange it…
    There is abuse in any countries, ethnic group… Tamil are not more incline to prostitution than any other ethnic group… being “color blind” will not diminish you…
    The beauty of a melted generation is the heritage each side brings… not a few goats or silk sarees… or gold… but heart…true heart. And language … let the little one decide…Tamil… French… English…. what ever makes them successful…
    I am a french Canadian from Quebec…and i am in love and loving relation with a wonderful Tamil woman… or am i just a man in love with a woman…
    you will decide… if you want to progress, expand… grow… i know your answer… if you want to constantly be singled out… complain of unfair opportunities… remain in you medieval ways… they are yours…

  24. @Lovestruckignore the prejudice, follow your heart. In your heart and the one of your companion will lay the answers. No one has for you per say the perfect answer. Prejudice, restriction, per-arrangement… seriously… how these words sounds…choose love, commitment and dedication… these have no color…no restrictions no parental guidance.

  25. @Atman MayaCanadian Military Men… as dumb as they are… made sure this place – Canada  – for instance  – is a place of freedom, refuge… how dumb where they when they did what they did for our generations to come…

  26. Quebec01 Seems like the only way to develop in life for a coloured community is to marry a white person! Nailed it son! nailed it! Your inherent racism is obvious.scum!

  27. Opinion_PuliQuebec01 The only way for a “Citizen of the World” to be one… is to abandon segregation by colors, gender, race…. see a human being, and not a race… Quebec (province) does not have a “solution”, and should not claim such privileged. .
    I am so sorry to disappoint and dismiss your point… There is no color. Their is no right history (past events). All in some phase of their culture share a past hurtful to the soul or individuals.
    What we must share is a present and future free of these concepts. Education is key… gather this education, gather this knowledge, and stop excusing prejudice and segregation with lame concept or references. As you deny the past to occupy your present, you and other will bring further our culture. A GLOBAL CULTURE… and no white is not the color… mix is!

  28. Quebec01 Your media creates white men as heroes. It downplays an accented person as a comedian. Why would a mixed child choose to associate with something inferior/comical? I assure you coloured partner is a house negro herself. She probably hates her ethnicity too. 300 years of colonialism in South Asia. An entire continent calling itself Africa. Middle east with its British hypocrisy. We are still slaves.. in lot of ways. The comments you see is the success of White slavery. Sad sad sad..

  29. Opinion_PuliQuebec01i beg to disagree. Our time, our current time is to merge above the past and not to carry it over and over, disguised in false justification. There is no color, there is no racial purity… there is only mix. Any other form (from white, brown and and black… yellow) of justification that one is above the other is outdated, and deemed prejudicial.

    She… as you refer, does not hate but has moved forward to embrace people, and not color blind optics…
    The hero are the man and woman that refuse to see a life of persecution because a segregation – due to their culture, religion, origin. What you refer too, it is i believe the view of that Tamil have no place in Sri Lanka. Giving room and recognition to one color, gender, race, ethnic group or religious group over another one perpetuate this discrimination and justification…. isn’t it?

  30. @suria 
    So you basically married a white guy obsessed with Tamil culture. Why didn’t you just marry a Tamil guy with those qualities?

  31. @Anjaligirl
    So you have had bad experiences with Tamil men and now you generalize and put them down calling them selfish and misogynistic. If they are selfish toward their families perhaps they love and care for them and didn’t put you on a pedestal whenever your around.

  32. I dont mean to direct this at the author. but the normative view of an interracial relationships is Woman of Colour and a White man. Yes, some may say it’s “pure love” – but we don’t live in a vacuum and far too often, the idealized image of the interracial relationship is Woman of Colour and White Man. Let’s deconstruct that.

  33. Opinion_Puli Quebec01My “mixed” child, as you refer will speak the languages of this country as a Canadian first!  After that, whatever he decides to learn is up to him.  A language like Tamil, which has withstood warlords and colonizers and still remain unchanged after two thousand years, does not need to be force fed to anyone to withstand the tests of time.  It’s sad that it has to reside in the tongues of ignoramus’ like yourself.

  34. tamilgirl Let me ask my brothers and my male cousins who are in interracial relationships and let me get back to you.

  35. VasukiThillainadarajah tamilgirl Oh boy… are they banned from their families… have they fallen in the depth of hell… are they able to survive this …lol… Good to see not all are “blinded” by “COLORS”….

  36. tamilgirl It does not… it is one “facet” of what one may call being “open minded”… other example… Not allowing religious belief to overwhelm the “management” of a country…. or… Ancestral heritage helping the growth of an individual (or a nation) but not limiting a natural evolution/expansion… and perhaps as well… Thinking that a Gender or “a pure”  Race is better than a wild mixture… You know… like denying education to “female” in some religious extreme culture to preserve their purity… or the stoning of woman for summary judgment of their behavior… and perhaps denying the “choice of marriage and rather see arranged “economic” marriage for social benefits…. these are NAROW MINDED views… got it?

  37. Opinion_Puli Quebec01 I believe (by simple mean of observation) that IGNORANCE is the greatest killer disease of “Good Mind”.

    Quebec as you say, fostered a BLACK – HAITIAN Governor General… Not bad for a Province deemed prejudicial… SO do us all a favor… succumb to your rotting disease of prejudice and racial segregation (Tamil belong to TAMIL.. NO MIX) and move to a country like Syria, Pakistan… Afghanistan… where such practices are greatly promoted… Europe is no longer a selection of individual Countries…  They are one… and mostly made of several type of immigrant that works towards abolishing racial barrier (not always with great success… but still try) versus little islands (and this include the “Isolation idea for countries within land) that strive to enhance differences and deprive people of basic human right.

    Funny to see a place like Sri Lanka, being tormented by genocide and ethnic cleansing against a group of his natural habitants, see in turn this same group perpetuate by any possible justification a “Pure Racial concept”… go figure…

    When the German Nazi got defeated, not many people in Europe (or the rest of the world) seemed to be following the ideas promoted by the German Leader of the time… Yet the few that attempt to perpetuate this philosophy (White pure race) are not among the favored leaders… We  (the “white”) had our share of evil prejudices, torture, and shame… we do carry this stigma… not as a burden but as a reminder of our past mistakes. We indeed need, at time, a good reminder of the horror we carried in the name of a race, a Christian Message… I was not there when slavery was carried out, but I can make dam sure I will prevent it to return in my time.

    So here in Canada, Quebec was indeed the first place European made attempt to settle in a more permanent way. And we indeed abused our presences against our “Indians”.  But we have evolved. Quebec exist because in the mid 16 hundreds, Indian (from Canada) came with vegies to save us from certain death at the hand of scorbutic disease.
    If some are still anchored to a segregation by language, in majority we do not. Like you we love our culture, our cheese, wine and food… But each time our “exaggeration” is taking over our reason, we see the rest of Canada reminding us that we are not only Quebecois, we ARE CANADIAN. So be Canadian if you want to see the world in a way you never imagined… I tell you… you will be amazed.

  38. Opinion_Puli Quebec01 Why not… I see you wear shades on your picture… time to remove them… Color does not matter, origin even less…

  39. VasukiThillainadarajah Quebec01Opinion_Puli I think it is his “shades” that impair his vision… there may be hope… if only he can see beyond the 1 color scheme… a rainbow is made of all colors… it is a beautiful sight… but with shade all seem to be in a “one” tone of color… what a miss.

  40. Quebec01 tamilgirlWhy would they be, when they are children of interracial relationships themselves?  My family has evolved from narrow minded racist attitudes.  We are proud of ethnic blending, and not at all into ethnic cleansing.

  41. There is a good and bad in every race. You cannot judge a whole race, based on bad experiences with a few bad seeds. You do get men of colour who don’t treat their partners well or just use them for sex or worse rape and abuse them. Some of them even blame the women for it!

  42. If white men are heroes as portayed above , then accordingly Brown Girls and Dark skinned girls in India should be treated second class to White women from Arab and western countries. White women are already treated like Queens in India. I don’t understand why women in India complain about “white brides ” and White women taking the lead roles in films when the same women treat White men superior to Indian men. Grow Up Indian people, until you love yourself the World wouldn’t love you

  43. No offence but Asian women that marry out side of there culture are usually not pure , they mostly have screwed up families , parents are married 2 or three times or are interacial marriage , raised by single parent born out side of Sro Lanka , etc they are not aware of true family values, traditions, history , there fore there hatred turn them to other cultures to be loved, Tamil families are never against there kids or marriages its just they dont want kids mixing with other cultures that have no family values , no respect for parents , they need appointment to meet for dinners , they leave parents dying in old age homes and kids visit them once in 20 years lol , they leave there infants with young arrogant baby sitters so they can have fun at bar and party , i have seen elderly white women crying cuz they are alone in end days living alone in some trailor or ditrty cheap appartment ,and there kids are not there for help they call there parents by names , o and famous word in white culture is i dont care lol , there are so many things , its not disrespect to any race or culture , its just should not happen . there is reason why there are 5 races on planet all of them extremely different from each other , IF YOU DONT HAVE HISTRY YOU DONT HAVE FUTURE , if you mix blood what ever is born does not have history , pure blood , does not have culture , tradition , background , it will always be half and half

    The main reason is that… traditional Tamil / Hindu culture is completely different from the western..especially when it comes to marriage life. In the eyes of most Indians… westerners are capable of polygamy, infidelity, fornication etc. In Indian culture people are expected to be virgins till they get married… and they are expected to remain married forever to a single partner. Also.. western culture is self centric… exact opposite to Indian. 

    But in the west this isn’t the case… People are fine with losing virginity before marriage, and people tend to give so many reasons to divorce or leave a partner .. for another. For an instance… reasons for divorce like… I lost the spark, fell out of love, I am no longer in love…etc are disgusting and ..selfish according to Indian standards. These are totally different cultures. So that’s the major fear of every Indian family …when their son/daughter tells them they wanna marry a westerner. 

    In Sri Lanka a marriage is for life…and forever. So a parent will not risk their kid’s marriage life with someone from a culture…which is completely against theirs and have a very bad track record of sticking to one partner. Indian families see ..their child getting married to a western person…similar to gambling with their life…. So I see this not as hating the white… but.. being in a defensive mode. 

    People who mix have problems, its easy for them to hide behind political correctness but ultimately its nonsense and doesnt apply to the real world and when they have kids they essentially throw them under a bus and hope they deal with it somehow. 

    when they teach mixed kids that race is worthless, so worthless in fact that anyone who does value what they are Must inherently be racist… they immediately trap those kids into looking at people of a particular race who have issues as their parents did…as being “normal”. they force their kids to dip into a small pool of broken people. 

    and those mixed kids in turn help perpetrate the idea that the only ‘problem’ with race mixing would be good old fashioned racism, rather than viewing interacial mixing as a social itself in and of itself. 

  44. VasukiThillainadarajah tamilgirl The mixed race Indians like you  are so desperate to ingratiate themselves with the very same Europeans who despise them as inferior subhumans, that they actually resort to spewing their hatred against other dark-skinned races in the futile hope that this will win them the love of the whites whom they adore as gods. Never have I comes across a race with so huge and overweening an inferiority complex.

  45. its infuriating that the same people that yell stop genocide in sri lanka are the ones engaging in interracial marriages. so much for the sri lankan tamil race. believe it or not largest concentration of sri lankan tamils in the world are in Toronto but wont be for too long with all the mulattoes. Thanks god there are stil some decent pure blood people

    Highest divorce rate on the planet more than any other race, fake, sex addict, manipulative, can’t cook, do not know how to be a parent, materialistic, pushy, lazy,  crazy(psychopath), ignorant, arrogant, etc and etc and etc. Who wants to even date or get married with a White woman? You know your life will suck the moment you get involved with  whitepeople.. Yuckity puk  

     Let’s see….
    1. Mostly Educated with atleast masters degree.
    2. Mostly cultured and soft spoken.
    3. Mostly adaptive to other cultures.
    4. Moslty good citizens who believe in rules and regulations of their country.
    White people
    1. Few are well educated(>10%). Rest are usually primary school dropout.
    2. Very rude with others. Not humble at all…..forget soft spoken.
    3. Always want to impose their culture & lifestyle on others.
    4. Never follow rules & regulations. Try to fraud in tax.
    One can see who is better human being..
    5-Change spouses every year/aids culture

    Tamil parents would never accept a white person because of our cultural incompability…

    If The western mentality to sex is so forward then why are men in Canada having sex with dead deers and dogs….Why are divorce rates so high if people fall in love? Why are girls treated as sex toys? Why are people still having sex with animals? Holy **! Don’t teach us what to do, brah….

    And by the way, they don’t value it that’s why divorce rates are high. In Canada, so many married women have been caught having sex with neighbors and some other people. Do you like it? Should we become like that? If my kids bring a white home I will disowned them and beat the crap of the white person.

    We should follow our culture sense of unity and bonding in family……….. not the cheater wife with multiple partners with STD’S…… Au revoir!.

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  47. If you actually sit down and have a chat with these people who oppose interracial dating, their arguments are usually really weak, and they come across as angry and bitter. There’s nothing there, it’s a weak argument based on a lot of emotions… not logic. 
    People don’t set out to date a certain race, love just happens, and if that happens to be with another race then so what? whose business is that?

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