Google’s Second in Command is Tamil Tech Star Sundar Pichai

sundar pichai

If you haven’t heard of Sundar Pichai already, you’ll certainly be hearing about him going forward. He started at Google as a middle manager just six years ago, where at one point he reported to Marissa Mayer, the current CEO of Yahoo. After having held positions such as Director of product management, VP and SVP – he’s now the No. 2 exec to CEO Larry Page. His corporate ascent is described by Fortune magazine as one of the fastest in the technology industry.

Pichai was born in Chennai and obtained a degree in Engineering from IIT-Kharagpur. He also holds a graduate degree from Stanford and an MBA from The Wharton School. The 42-year-old is described as a soft spoken, nice guy.

As of last week, this nice guy will be overseeing key components of Google’s enterprise such as search, maps, Google+, commerce and ad products.

Check out this article and this article to find out more about Pichai’s illustrious career at Google.

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