First Year : Tips and Tricks

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Looking back, there are several of us here at TC who have varying opinions of how we wished we played out our first year in university.

Now that its been the first few weeks of First Year, we thought why not provide some tips and tricks to help you guys out! Many of you have probably moved away from home and are homesick OR some of you may not know how to manage your time and workload. Don’t worry – we’ve all been there.

Tips and Tricks

1. Attend your frosh week events, collective faculty gatherings and student group orientations. Networking is key!

2.Do not buy new books, check Facebook and the used book store. Most likely, they are much cheaper and newer books are of no need! If you are not sure, just go ahead and ask your professor

3. If you live on Rez, leave your door open , welcoming new friends to come say hi , you never know who you may meet, even your soulmate 😉

4. Stressful times will come around. At those times take a deep breath and ask for help and breathe!
Don’t go throwing all your papers around like Sheldon.

Sheldon from Big Bang Theory

5. Stay on top of your readings, I suggest reviewing all your notes for the week, every week, and to keep on studying them to prevent last minute cramming for midterms and finals.

6. Make friends! Study groups and partners are the best to have around such stressfull times.

7. There are tutors and upper year students willing to help, so make use of your resources.

8. Last but not least, stay focused and have fun!

Mindy and her Dance Moves

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