Fashion Emergency Kit

Fashion Emergency Kit

My friends always laugh at me when they see what’s in my bag, however you never know when you can have a Fashion Accident. That is exactly why I carry my very own Fashion Emergency Kit and today I’ll give you a glimpse of what’s in my kit!

1. Sewing Kit: for all your small repairing needs! Who knows when you get a hole in your pants (awkward) or have a tag that is itching at the back of your blouse.

2. Lipstick/Balm: I usually carry my handy neutral shade of lipstick, Elizabeth Arden : #17 Breathless. As well as probably my favorite product in the world, Strawberry Flavored ChapStick!

3. Lotion: A small carry on size lotion is amazing to have, especially in the winter.

4. Travel Wet Wipes: This can honestly be a life saver. When you are sweating, need something to clean your hands with or need to remove lipstick gone wrong: wet wipes. You can use products like Wet Ones or Baby Wipes.

5. Feminine Products: Because mother nature doesn’t like to wait.

6. Eye Liner: Just in case I forget to put mine on.

7. Clear Nail Polish: not for my nails, but for my stockings! Noticed your stockings has a hole in it all of a sudden, put some clear nail polish on it and it should stop the hole from getting any bigger.

8. Gum: For obvious reasons

9. Bobby Pins: You can change your hair style quick and easy or get your bangs out of the way. Though, I keep using up all mine and losing them (odd) so I am constantly restoring.

10. Perfume: a little bottle goes a long way!

Share what you carry in your Fashion Emergency Kit below to help each other out!

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