Enough With Mediocrity!


Some people think that you can’t evaluate something that you can’t measure. But is customer service immeasurable? Absolutely not! What is the real cost of bad customer service? It can start off with loss of one or two clients but can easily escalate to the loss of a business.

Yet it seems like common practice for Tamils to willingly accept bad customer service from Tamil businesses. Don’t get me wrong – there are Tamil businesses that provide a great customer experience, but regardless of industry, service is probably the least accounted for and discussed component of business strategies across the board.

So I ask myself – why do we convince ourselves that this is acceptable?  Does the fee we pay for the services/products not include the delivery of service?

Some examples of bad customer service include:

  • Making you wait for no reason – i.e. when the service provider runs around doing other things instead of serving you.
  • Not respecting or committing to timelines -the stereotype that Tamil businesses are tardy is proven true all too often.
  • Lack of communication and openness.

The one that takes the cake for me though is that my concerns are never addressed properly.  I get a nonchalant “don’t worry, it’s doable” instead.  Well how is it doable?  What are you going to do to make it ‘doable’?  Does your doable entail me to open my wallet or get a poor product or service in the end?

Am I wrong in assuming that when I go to a vendor for a service or product, I’m their number one priority?  So I ask myself again, why do we willingly accept bad customer service?  Is it simply because we expect nothing more? Or that we’ve become so accustomed to not receiving it that we don’t realize it’s lacking.  As a consumer, I strongly feel that we do not recognize good quality service and as a result we don’t value it.

We stay loyal to these businesses yet, they don’t reciprocate by making us want to return.  We want to continue see Tamil businesses grow and flourish, but some of them seem to lack the key fundamentals of building a business and maintaining a good customer/vendor relationship by providing stellar service.

There are numerous Tamil business directories, both online and in print, but none seem to include ratings. Being able to get real customer ratings on Tamil businesses could immensely impact decisions on the way business is done.

It’s about time we break free of that custom of accepting mediocre service!  It’s ok to take that next step and demand more. In fact, boycott businesses that provide bad service.  Isn’t it time we set precedence for service and stop accepting bad service as the standard?

No matter what your business or business hierarchy is, you need to think from A to Z about delivering that product or service.

And a little bit of communication can go a long way.  Keeping your clients informed along the process will give them a sense of accountability, the ability to make an informed decision and an overall satisfied experience.

The best mindset to have in this regard is to give people a little more than what you would want for yourself. If you want the whole 9 yards, give your clients 10.

Do you want your service provider to treat you with respect, provide valuable advice, guide your thought process, assist with minuscule tasks, be responsive, and most importantly deliver on promises? Or do you want to settle for mediocre service, where you are an afterthought?

Are you willing to say no to mediocre service?  It’s time to raise the bar!

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