East Meets West: Holiday Edition

East Meets West: Holiday Edition

Family gatherings, holiday parties, New Year’s Eve bash – oh yes, it’s that time of year again.  The time of year where familiar faces re-emerge and you chat up a storm, Aunties gossip about which of their sons to set you up with, and you and your siblings rock, paper, scissors it out to decide who has to drive dear old tipsy Uncle home. However, the most important chatter and really, the only type of chatter anyone should be paying attention to this season is…what are people wearing! The holiday season is like Fashion Week for the everyday person where you get to admire the festive ensembles around you. This type of fashion show is where you have a chance to not only be in the audience but also, the model on that runway. Here are some of the holiday trends that are sure to earn you some outstanding reviews.


There’s a reason red velvet cupcakes are so good – velvet is just so rich and luxurious! Plus, it’s definitely a great way to make a very bold statement. If you like to stand out, try wearing a full pant suit made of velvet; this opulent look has been seen in Rachel Zoe’s fall/winter collection where we can find velvet blazers paired with matching trousers! If you want to play it safe you can always opt for velvet accents instead as shown; with the velvet just being on the upper half of the dress it looks minimal and yet compliments the bold prints and royal colours perfectly.

Long Sleeve

Brr it’s cold in here! Now that Toronto winds are beginning to pick up, what better way can a girl stay warm and yet look super chic, then choosing a longer sleeved dress. The net long sleeved blouses for sarees are beautiful with jeweled accents. This look has been revived and modernized to look classy and elegant, fit for this holiday season.

Royal Colours

The hottest colours for Fall were deep colours such as deep green or deep red, but this season we’re taking a cue from Kate Middleton and going royal from royal reds to royal blue.

  You can stay within the festive colour scheme but take it up a notch with these vivid shades.

This is the best time to play with your style and try something you haven’t before, so go for a little bedazzle and end this year with a little flair!

Happy Holidays!

Yours truly,

Chandni, Shagana & Simrin

Sartaj Fashions at the Ohm Fashion Show: Photography by Simrin Dhillon

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Born and raised in the beautiful city of Toronto, Simrin recently started her career at Banga Studios as a Post Production Editing Specialist, as well as photographer. Her hope is to one day peruse photography within the fashion industry and publish a photography book as she travels the world! Aside from perusing her dream job, Simrin is a singer/song writer, adores literature and the cosmos.

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