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Dushi-Boy has a unique way of doing things. If you’ve checked out his original compositions and covers, you’ll know what I mean.

Born in Denmark, and off to London by the age of ten, Dushi-Boy was an energetic kid. His mom encouraged him to play an instrument, and after trying a few, Dushi-Boy came across a glossy, black grand piano and fell in love with it. Today he is a musician, composer, and producer, completing a degree in Recording Arts at SAE London.

His recent videos have garnered much attention and his most popular video, to-date, is the All of the Lights’ instrumental.

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Dushi-Boy describes himself as “a producer not bound by any genre”. In August, he collaborated with Dukus, Marcus Marshall, target=”_blank”>Peez, and Yeukai Makoni. Stay tuned to find out about his upcoming projects.

Check out TC’s interview with Dushi-Boy:

TamilCulture: Who inspires you?
Dushi-Boy: Growing up I was obsessed with Michael Jackson! He was one of the few artists of my time who put his all into developing his art form, and executed everything with brilliant detail and precision. I also feel Quincy Jones played a vital part in creating MJ’s signature sound. Quincy had a way of fusing diverse sounds together to create something really special. Apart from them, my parents have played a major role in inspiring me to always have a positive outlook and strive for the best.

TC: How did you learn to use the equipment you work with?
DB: Two words: Trial, and error. After playing the keys for around 10 years, I decided to save up, and buy a drum machine. When I finally got it, it felt very odd, as programming drums was a whole new concept to me. So I’d play a riff, and then chuck in some drums, and build simple little songs from there onwards. Trial and error has always been the best way for me to thoroughly learn a piece of equipment.

TC: What are your goals in the music industry?
DB: My aim is to produce as many great records as I can, and to work with an array of different artists across the board. I also want to branch out to produce music for commercials, movies, and even games. For years and years now, I’ve had my sights set on winning at least one Grammy, if not more, so that would be the crème de la crème for me.

TC: How have the places you’ve grown up in influenced your work?
DB: Growing up in Denmark meant that I was always close to the Euro/Dance scene. That’s definitely where my love of electronic music comes from. When we moved, the part of London where we initially lived was swamped with music from the UK Urban scene (in particularly ‘Grime’ music). It was great because I got a feel for different styles of music. This has helped me fuse elements from different sub-genres, into the music that I write.

Dushi-Boy’s music can be downloaded for free on his website!

—Shiromi Raveend

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