Ditch the Sneakers and Ball Cap at Home


The ‘90s called, it wants its clubwear back! It’s the year 2011 and you’re a 20 or 30 something male; get with the times and embrace this streamlined new era! Most girls your age, or I should say women your age, have long since moved on from the 1990s urban grunge obsession so isn’t it about time you did too?


Let’s start from the bottom up, shall we? I admit, I notice shoes. I think shoes say a lot about a man. First of all, keep your shoes clean and if any are leather, keep them polished. Even if they’re old or out of fashion, you get points for maintenance. And for the club, ditch the sneakers. Yes, even if they cost more than your laptop! Go with a versatile, stylish pair of leather loafers. Being overdressed can be just as awkward as being underdressed so save the dress lace-ups for formals!!

Cole Haan ‘Air Colton’ Slip-On – $199.06 from Nordstrom.com

BOSS Brown ‘Chesterfield’ Slip-On – $196.05 from Nordstrom.com


The style of the bottoms you wear depends on how strict the venue’s dress code is. If it’s a low key scene then a pair of dark wash, straight leg designer jeans are your best bet. If it’s a bit swankier go with a pair of slim tailored, dark, flat front trousers. Invest in these basic pieces and they’ll give you years of stylish and comfortable wear. And they’ll be a snap to match! Relaxed or ritzy, keep your look streamlined and classy. Do yourself a favour and save the tearaways for the gym, the cargo pants for weekends and your khaki shorts for the beach.

J Brand ‘Kane’ Straight Leg Jeans (Boone Wash) – $165.88 from Nordstrom.com

BOSS Black Flat Front Wool Trousers – $130.60 from Nordstrom.com


This is definitely one place where you can stand out from the crowd. If your shirt’s going to be tucked in or if the waistband of your trousers will be visible, always wear a belt….or if you need it to hold up your pants! Show off your fun side with your belt and buckle choice. Just remember to match your belt to your shoes.

Tommy Bahama Cord Detail Woven Leather Belt – $88.47 from Nordstrom.com


There are a lot of options when it comes to your choice of shirt. Yes, a shirt! Not a t-shirt, not a polo, not a football or a basketball jersey and definitely not a hoodie. The only exception to the ‘no t-shirt’ rule is if you’re going to be wearing a casual blazer on top; just make sure it’s a ‘V’ neck. A relaxed or slim tailored button down shirt is the classy, comfortable and easy choice. If the venue requires it, pair it with a well fitting blazer and/or skinny tie.

Slim Fit Stretch Cotton Shirt in Charcoal – $59.90 from express.com

John Varvatos Star USA Textured Grey Blazer – $130.60 from Nordstrom.com

HUGO Woven Silk Tie – $95.51 from Nordstrom.com


If you want to add a little bling to your look (the right way), wear a watch! A men’s designer watch with a large round face will not only stand out, but it’ll be timeless (no pun intended)! Ditch the large gold chains and finger rings and invest in a standout watch. It’s ornamental, functional and as with shoes women will notice!

Burberry Men’s Stainless Steel Watch – $351.78 from Nordstrom.com

Emporio Armani Leather Strap Watch Black – $397.12 from Nordstrom.com

Just remember that your wardrobe won’t matter much if you reek like a sewer. Take a shower, be well groomed, spray a little light cologne and you’ll be ready to hit the clubs in style. When in doubt think Usher, not 50 Cent. And finally, make sure your behaviour at the club is as classy as your wardrobe!

– Jana Nadesan

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