Classic Sandwiches with a Twist

In this day and age, people are busier than ever and have many different hats to wear! Kids, work, commuting, school, a secondary part time job, hobbies, friends, and the list goes on! For me, I have a full time job at the Toronto Public Library and am the instructor and co-director of P.O.S.E. Dance Troupe which keeps me hopping! Between library programs, rehearsals, dance classes, and training, I truly run out of time to enjoy healthy, tasty, and complete meals. I ended up buying subs at least 4 times a week which was getting rather mundane and quite expensive. Things had to change, so I put on my thinking cap! How could I jazz up my meal time but still keep things fast and simple? Well, I started with some classic sandwiches and then started getting creative!

Gourmet Grill Cheese

Prepare your grill cheese as always but instead of using regular old bread, try slices of a French or Italian baguette and instead of regular old cheddar cheese, use brie! If your hunger calls for it, finely slice a portabello mushroom and place inside the sandwich. Delectible! Serve with a garden salad and balsamic vinaigrette.

BLT – Greek style!

The ingredients include: bacon, lettuce, tomato (otherwise would I be able to call it a BLT?) and of course you need some mayo (low fat is always best if you are watching your calories). But wait!!! What about the Greek?! Add a couple of crumbles of feta cheese and even a couple of slices of cucumber. Simply scrumptious!
Health Tip: Use turkey or chicken bacon instead of pork.

Tuna Melts

Switch up your regular tuna sandwich with a little bit of dare and spice. Use ½ the mayo you would for a regular tuna sandwich and instead add some ketchup and hot sauce. Take note, if you like things super spicy then add a lot of hot sauce because the mayo acts as a natural neutralizer to the heat. Dice up half a tomato, a green onion, and a teaspoon of finely chopped fresh cilantro. Mix and chill. Toast whole wheat bread, add some cheddar or marble cheese, throw under the broil for 2 minutes to melt the cheese, and then scoop the chilled tuna on top. This sandwich is low in fat and high in protein for your busy day ahead. It’s also suitable for breakfast and is definitely a staple at the cottage.

– Sarah Weinrauch

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