Celebrating the Love of Being Single


It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single. Yeah I know, sucks to be you. Trying to forget this holiday exists can prove to be a difficult task. Everywhere you go, you’re attacked by a plethora of pink and red hearts, heart-boxed chocolates, V-Day decor etc.

As these symbols embed into your consciousness, you become even more aware of every act of affection. And you become filled with irritation at such open behaviour. You admit to yourself that it’s not the couple’s actions that bother you. Rather, it’s how their actions make you so much more aware of just how single you are. You toy with the notion of protesting against this holiday because it discriminates against single people. But then your sense of morality urges you to not spoil the symbol of this much anticipated day for those who are actually happy. However, you realize in dismay that you’ve indeed become bitter, cynical and jaded – basically anti-Valentine’s Day.

It’s OK. Most of us have been there so that feeling of yours is not isolated. Sure, it can be a bit depressing to see Cupid strike the hearts of others and somehow miss you. But that doesn’t mean that there is a lack of love in your life. Although V-Day specifically targets couples, why not expand it to include people who have made an impact on your life?

In grade school we put tiny cards into those little slots for everyone who meant something to us. Do the same in adulthood to show to the important people in your life that you cherish and love them. Show your gratitude by identifying key moments in your life where they’ve been a source of support, inspiration and encouragement. Let them know how much they’ve touched your heart through a phone call, email or card, and share these moments with them. Find ways to honour them just as they’ve honoured you.

Love is not limited to couples. It’s everywhere and it impacts everyone. Of course, when we love, we only focus on those who are close to us. But why not take this day to extend your love to a stranger through random acts of kindness? Let this day be an incentive for you to spread your love to everyone around you instead of just that special someone. Let your actions be the reason for someone else’s smile.

As much as spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other can induce a heart-warming feeling, take this time to celebrate how great it can be to be single. Revel in the idea of how much fun you can have without a man. Round up a few of your unattached girlfriends and hit up the lounge, bar or restaurant. Or go belt out a tune at the local karaoke joint.

And since you’re not spending your money on your better half, you might as well spend it on yourself. Take this day to pamper yourself. Give credit to what an amazing person you are. Make it girl time and book a day at the spa. Or go on a shopping trip. End your day with your favourite celebrity crush while curled up on your couch watching a tear-jerking romantic comedy. And allow yourself to be caught by the beauty of what romance could be like, Hollywood style.

And if despite all that you’re still adamant of having an anti-Valentine’s Day, then round up some of your single friends and have an anti-Valentine’s Day bash. Instead of hearts and cupids, gather up piñatas, skulls and hangman. Do anything you can think of to be unromantic. No, you’re not bitter or angry. You just refuse to fall for the commercialism of Valentine’s Day. Nothing wrong with that!

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Tasha Nathan

Tasha Nathan

Tasha is a Toronto based freelance writer and author. After publishing her first children’s book, No Monster in the Closet, she found her interest grow to empower youth and young adults. Her first young adult book, Follow Your Heart, was published last year. Her focus lies more within women's empowerment and gender equity, particularly within the Tamil Community.

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