Behind the Rowdies: Tony Jahan and “Fresh” Mathews

We’ve all seen them. Collars popped, jeans tucked into their socks, hair shaved around the sides of their heads, and some bling to keep things classy. I’m talking about “rowdies”. The type of guys who make Tamil movie villains, and even comedians, their idols. The ones who think “psssst, psssssssst” is a pick-up line, and Tim Hortons is a hot spot. The kind of guys who inspired the hilarious videos “ To Be Rowdy” and “ To Be Rowdy-Er“, starring Sambal Siva and Roast Paan Ravi aka Tony Jahan and “Fresh” Mathews.

These two friends got involved with production, hosting events, and even creating short films in high school before they turned to YouTube. Another video of theirs, ““, shows a Tamil dad’s reaction to his son getting a B+ on his report card. The chase scene that follows might just bring back some memories of your own quick getaways.

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In the few months since they started posting these skits online, the videos have gotten thousands of hits each. While they will have you lol’ing big time, they’ll also have you admiring the talent of these two university students. They’ve managed to put a new spin on everyday experiences, and have a really great eye for transforming ordinary moments into great comedies.

So what are the Criminology student studying Carnatic Music (Tony) and the Business and Drama student (Fresh) working on now? One thing is for sure, the “Rowdy” series will be continuing in different forms, including a short film on the origins of “Roast Paan Ravi”. With support from fans of all ages behind them, they also plan on creating more skits, music, and videos, including some collaborations. Tony and Fresh will be posting updates on all of this, so make sure to check them out!

– Nive Thambithurai

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