“Be Our Pondati” Video About Arranged Marriage Goes Viral

An IIT-Madras student’s video on arranged marriages has gone viral and was recently published by the Times of India. Consider myTamilDate as an alternative, perhaps?

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11 thoughts on ““Be Our Pondati” Video About Arranged Marriage Goes Viral

  1. I think it’s time she looks at herself in the mirror and decide if she really wants to make fun of arrange marriage!

  2. Its frustration of the average looking tamil woman. She looks like the average tamil woman. We want light skinned and tall woman based on what movies and books prescribe to us. Its understandable and its mostly darker skinned mothers who want a fair skinned woman as daughter-in law.hypocrisy at its finest. I get annoyed when fair light skinned tamil girls whine on Instagram and facebook about being hit on by men. AND Thats what you call attention seeking, not this.

  3. Somehow the fair skinned woman is ingrained on my nerves. Sometimes I judge a man by the skintone of his wife. Sad, I grew up with the idea, by my father, uncle and grandpas who married darker skinned women and whined their entire life. And guys who married fair-skinned women, took care of their children, spent more time with them. Atleast thats what I saw around me and my family members. Don’t want another kid to go through what I went through.

  4. You certainly have some strange preconception of fair skinned vs. dark skinned women. I think, in foreign country nowadays is that there is a very predictable pattern to what’s going on with women vs. men. For the most part, prettier women tend to get around with prettier men thanks to superficial attraction on both paries. Those that are unsuccessful, eventually get talked in by the parents to go into arrange marriage. Those that don’t keep lingering on facebook.

  5. Arranged marriage is a last resort for people in overseas. Not necessarily a first choice. I was talking about skin tone because dowry rate is higher for families with darker women as bride. Its too obvious to ignore. Besides, tamils, no matter how progressive they claim to be do not date as much, thus keeping to own circle. Once they hit 30s, everyone gets desperate and settles down for someone they may or may not like.

  6. Scarborough Kokki Kumaru I wasn’t aware of rate difference in dowry due to skin tone. Everything else I think you are rite.

  7. ” A girl’s skin tone is crucial negotiating tool in the dowry system; the darker the complexion, the higher the dowry”

  8. Maybe in rural india, in foreign countries, putting emphasize on “dowry” is highly over-exhaggerated. Most people are just happy getting two people together. Not saying skin-tone doesn’t have it’s impact on selection. Personally, i met some dark women who are super hot and light-skinned women who are not so. It’s all people’s attitude toward it i think.

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