Basement Reels Presents “Sex Before Marriage”, A Short Film

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Directed by: Krusan S.
Written by: Krusan S., Tharshan Raj
Cinematography & Editing by: Krusan S.
Starring: Tharshan Raj, Myuri Jeya, Krusan S.

People are often judged based on their partners in the past, instead of who they are in the present. What is it that matters most in a relationship? Our team had trouble finalizing this script and also bringing this to life due to how difficult of a topic this can be, especially in a community that doesn’t like to talk about these things. So please, your feedback really does mean a lot to us. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Basement Reels Presents “Sex Before Marriage”, A Short Film

  1. I am a sri lankan tamil born n bred in singapore. Sri lankan tamils in singapore were brought as professionals and gov staff by british in the 1890s…nothings like those who migrated to the west due to the problems in th country. Even my grandmother was born here..only their parents hailed frm jaffna.
    I went to further my studies in sheffield years back. After 2 yrs i got into a relationship with an indian…we used to study together..go to classes n sometimes shopping…no sexual relationship..he was very religious and “cultural” n i wasnt interested.
    We broke up the year of graduation we were getting ready to go home and thr wasnt much in our relationship. I wanted to marry a tamil man…U0001f602
    Jus before leaving our group went out for a few dinners whr i started talking to this tamil guy frm sri lanka who i nvr really spoke to b4 although being in the same course…it was love instantly…soon i left n he stayed back for another yr to work…we chatted every night on skype …he was jus the man…after 1 yr..he went back home..n started talking things abt dowry which we dont practice in singapore…although we still get married within the jaffnas who have come thr at our time..he started talking abt my past..i had a boyfriend in sheffield n who knws what had happened btw us.. n he had my fb password..he dug up some group pics of my ex n myself sitting side by side and cut it out n post it on my fb..he tortured me..called my dad names for not being able to pay dowry..i dnt knw if it was out of anger i took a loan bit by bit for almost 70 singapore dollars to give his family who isnt satisfied till today…we got married n have a son now…stayed seperately for a year now together..he still brings up my past but leas often…called me names during my pregnancy…today i regret marrying him…the moral of the story once thr is a bit of a prob jus chuck tht junk out of ur life..the only thing im thankful for is my lovely son.

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